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Zimbabwe: the secrets behind Mugabe’s demise 

From the rise of “Gucci Grace” to the fall of “Comrade Bob”, to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s incredible escape, the book ‘Secrets of history’ recounts the riveting story of the presidential couple’s last weeks in power. Grace Mugabe is hardly ever seen leaving her private villa in Mount Pleasant, in the upscale suburb of Harare, where she […]

Xenophobia: South African drivers blocked from crossing borders to Zambia, Mozambique

As tension continues to mount over the ongoing xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa, some South African drivers have encountered difficulties in crossing the country’s borders to Mozambique and Zambia. In a video which surfaced online, South African drivers could be seen being held up at border points by Zambians and Mozambicans. Tyres were […]