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#2016Budget 25 Random Observations – By @MrAyedee

by Breaking Timeson February 4, 2016
Let’s start with the State House, Nigeria’s seat of Executive Power 1. N536,295,924- Linking Cables to Driver’s Rest Room at Aso Rock 2. N33,277,595- Stage Curtains + Electrical Drive at Aso Rock 3. N3,914,197,062- Annual routine maintenance at Aso Rock 4. N1,559,911,748 Electrical work at Aso Rock 5. #3 and #4 above come to • […]

Statement For Cash? Tony Blair Says He Met With Buhari, But Refuses To Say When

by Breaking Timeson February 24, 2015
By Idoreyin Sampson This is not the best of times for the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the party has been moving from one public relations nightmare to another over the uncertainty surrounding the health of its presidential candidate, General Muhammed Buhari. The latest scandal began when Buhari’s campaign team issued a short statement on Friday […]