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Man Strips Naked, Watches Porn On Flight From Malaysia, Attacks Stewardess (PHOTOS)

by Breaking Timeson March 8, 2018
A Bangladeshi passenger who reportedly stripped Unclad and attacked a stewardess during a flight from Malaysia has been arrested, the airline said overnight. Shortly after the Malindo Air flight departed from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, the 20-year-old took his clothes off and started watching pornography on his laptop, local media reported. The man, a student […]

WONDERS!! Naked Pastor Caught “Praying” for Married Woman, Escapes with Only Pants..

by Breaking Timeson February 13, 2016
Residents of Wahab Close in EJigbo in Lagos State, western Nigeria, witnessed a real life “nollywood” movie that played out in their area after a pastor who sneaked into a man’s house to make love with the man’s wife was caught in the act. The pastor, who had already pulled off his pair of trousers ran […]