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#NoToSocialMediaBill, My Encounter with Senator Ibn N”Allah – Anthony Ehilebo

by Breaking Timeson March 23, 2016
When Yemi Adamolekun put up the Global Shapers Abuja Dialogue Series advertorial that advertised the interaction with Senator Ibn Na Allah, the Facilitator of the very controversial “Frivolous Petitions Prohibition Bill” which had gone through second reading in the Senate I knew I had to be there if for nothing to listen to the Senator […]

Why Nigeria needs Social Media Bill to Curb Irresponsible Journalism by Tony Ogunlowo

by Breaking Timeson December 13, 2015
This article is not going to win me any new friends – especially in the blogging community – but in the spirit of democracy I believe a bill to curb the irresponsibility of some bloggers and social media users is necessary after all. In a country that’s just getting to grips with the concept of […]

My Take on the “Frivolous Petitions Bill” AKA “Social Media Bill”- Abigail Anaba

by Breaking Timeson December 12, 2015
It would have been fun starting this piece with a Goodluck Jonathan quote but that would be an instant turn off to many who do not like him.  So,  no quotes.  I am just going to go straight to the point and talk about the social media space. People who have been following my writings […]