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Mobs And The Wailers

by Breaking Timeson April 23, 2016
By Olufemi Oluwaseye There’s an interesting story in the Bible tucked somewhere in the book of Acts of the Apostles. Paul had provoked the Jewish leaders by ditching Judaism for Christianity. Although he committed no crime, he was hounded every day; often escaping by the skin of his teeth. But one day, he fell into […]

OP-ED| Is Lai Mohammed Already Scared of Social Media’s Whirlwind?

by Breaking Timeson November 24, 2015
When news flashed that Nigeria’s Information minister, Lai Mohammed was in a “friendly” meeting with bloggers and “social media influencers” (whatever that means), I immediately feared for the worst. I was a bit relieved to read that stifling or gagging the online press, voracious and crude as it may be, isn’t on this administration’s agenda. […]

Time To Scrap National Youth Service Corps

by Breaking Timeson August 9, 2015
By Olufemi Oluwaseye Just after the civil war in the early 70s, the Federal Government under the leadership of General Yakubu Gowon devised strategies for the integration of the country. The NYSC was birthed as a result of that quest. Nigeria wasn’t the first country to have such a scheme where young graduates “serve” their […]