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UN General Assembly, New York , Boko Haram terrorists

Issues UN Security Council Mission Must Confront About Boko Haram

by Breaking Timeson March 5, 2017
By: Philip Agbese The United Nations (UN) Security Council Visiting Mission to the Lake Chad Basin Region is ground breaking in that this is the first time such mission is being undertaken, not just since Boko Haram unleashed terrorism in the region but even after it was globally designated an international terrorist organization. Incidentally, the […]

Why has Boko Haram refused to leave Borno?

by Breaking Timeson February 18, 2017
By: Philip Agbese In the twilight of the Goodluck Jonathan presidency, not a few Nigerians had concluded that Boko Haram and its brand of terrorism had come to stay and that it will even spread to other parts of the country. That impression was reinforced by the trend whereby any news about the terrorist group […]

Re: FT’s Nigeria’s president is missing in action

by Breaking Timeson February 10, 2017
By: Philip Agbese The extent to which Africans themselves contributed to making the transatlantic slave trade a success remains a controversial subject when discussing how the continent was set back through the wholesale theft of large number of its abled bodied people that were taken into slavery in the Americas. The Yoruba call such collaborators […]