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Robert Mugabe’s Family Pushes back against Zimbabwe Government’s Burial Plan

by Breaking Timeson September 9, 2019
Harare – The family of Zimbabwe founder Robert Mugabe is pushing back against the government’s plan to bury him at the National Heroes Acre monument in Harare and wants him to be buried in his home village instead, three relatives told Reuters. Zimbabweans have been confused about when and where they would get to pay […]

‘I will not name a successor, because I am not going to die’ – Robert Mugabe

by Breaking Timeson July 29, 2017
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe on Saturday said he was not stepping down nor die and that there was no one with his political stature who could immediately take over from him. The 93-year-old leader has been in charge in the former British colony since independence in 1980. His health is closely watched by Zimbabweans, […]

Twitter in uproar as Pictures of Robert Mugabe sleeping at World Economic Forum surfaces

by Breaking Timeson May 5, 2017
Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has been photographed sleeping at the World Economic Forum taking place in Durban. The 93-year-old has a penchant for falling asleep at conferences and meetings. People on Twitter criticized the Zimbabwean president for sleeping while important matters are being discussed.

Zimbabwe is more developed than Nigeria – Robert Mugabe

by Breaking Timeson May 4, 2017
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has caused a furore across Africa.  Mugabe stated at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban, South Africa that his country is the “most highly developed country in Africa” after South Africa, even ahead of Nigeria and Egypt. “After South Africa, I want to see what country has the level […]

Rumors of Robert Mugabe’s Death gains mileage

by Breaking Timeson March 10, 2017
The rumour has been swirling on social media about the 93-year-old dictator’s demise since early this evening. And a number of websites shared the so-called “news” to Twitter. Many online users were quick to jump on the announcement and question the details. One person tweeted: “If Mugabe really is dead I’m gonna do a little […]

My Party wants me to stand for Elections, I will – Robert Mugabe

by Breaking Timeson February 19, 2017
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has ruled out retirement as he looks forward to his 93rd birthday next Tuesday. “The call to step down must come from my party, my party at congress, my party at central committee” “But then what do you see? It’s the opposite. They want me to stand for elections.” “The majority […]