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When the Devil is not to Blame! By Tony Ogunlowo

Before we go any further let me state that I’m neither a Devil worshipper, a member of the Church of Satan or intend to glorify him. I’m a Catholic, born and bred, and intend to stay so. The Devil is the most vilified person ( or entity) in the world and is blamed for everything […]

The Death of Free Speech in Africa ~ Tony Ogunlowo  

The new wave of democracy sweeping across Africa was meant to usher in a new kind of freedom – freedom to elect leaders of choice, freedom of religion and most important of all freedom of free speech. Sadly these so-called ‘freedoms’ are being repressed across Africa. In recent times we’ve seen President George Weah closing […]

The Art of Showing Off: How Celebrities with Low Self-Image Ridicule Themselves Online

By  Tony Ogunlowo   It’s the in-thing now: if you have it you must flaunt it – your wealth, status, possessions – in the most public way possible. In this new age of online social media it’s not uncommon to see celebrities – and wannabes – flaunting their wealth on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other […]

Who Is God?

  Somebody once asked me who God was. Not that this person didn’t know who God was from his religious and biblical studies: he wanted me to explain to him in simple layman’s terms how great God is. We all know that God is the all-seeing, benevolent Supreme Being. But what is he really like? […]

Nigeria’s Nuclear Power Plant Option

Just like with most things in Nigeria, today, energy requirements far exceeds the current production levels – and will do so for many years to come. Existing power generating plants are old, underutilized, with most falling into disrepair and unable to cope with the present demands. Looking to fill the gaps in energy production the […]

The Impact Of Facebook Founder Mike Zuckerberg’s Visit To Nigeria

Tony Ogunlowo According to CNN Mark Zuckerberg has just made his first visit to ‘Sub-Sahara-Africa’ to witness the impact of his Facebook social media enterprise and to promote his Express WIFI internet service. One should point it out to the CNN journalists and researchers, probably graduates from fourth-grade American universities, that there really isn’t a […]