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‘As long as I’m president, gay marriage will not happen’ – President Putin

President Vladimir Putin has ruled out legalizing gay marriage in Russia. Speaking on Thursday in Kremlin, where he met a state commission to discuss the changes to Russia’s constitution, the 67-year-old spoke against allowing the traditional notion of mother and father to be ‘subverted’ by what he called “parent number 1” and “parent number 2”. […]

‘I’m sure the Russian people will support me’ – Putin on his plans of becoming Russia’s leader for life

Vladimir Putin in his annual state of the nation address delivered on Thursday in Moscow announced new shocking reforms and sweeping changes to Russia’s constitution that will ensure he remains in power for the rest of his life. Vladimir Putin in his annual state of the nation address delivered on Thursday in Moscow announced new […]

Trump’s impeachment charges were made up, US Senate won’t uphold it – Putin

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has dismissed the impeachment charges against US President Donald Trump which he claimed were all made up.  Speaking during an annual press conference, Putin said he expects the US president to survive the historic proceedings. Describing the impeachment proceedings as political infighting, the Russian leader insisted that the Democrats were seeking to make up for their […]

First I’d tell Putin, ‘Sorry I beat your guy,’ Yang mocks Trump

On Wednesday night during the fifth 2020 Democratic debate, the tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang was asked what he would say to Russian President Vladimir Putin in their first conversation if he were elected. In a jab at President Donald Trumpand Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, Yang said: “Well, first of all I’d say, […]

Russian President, Vladimir Putin named as World’s Richest man

Move over, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. You are not the richest folks on earth. The real claimant to the throne, is Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, if the account of a US Financier, Bill Browder, is correct. Browder reportedly told senators last week that the Russian President is richer than both Mr. Bezos and Mr […]

Vladimir Putin Celebrates 63rd Birthday with 7 Goals in a Game of Ice Hockey

Russian President, Vladimir Putin spent his 63rd birthday playing ice hockey with some of the sport’s biggest stars – and you’ll never guess who ended up being the hero. In a match broadcast live on national television, the Russian president scored seven goals as his team, which included NHL legends Vyacheslav Fetisov and Pavel Bure, […]