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Bride caught having sex with ‘ex-boyfriend’ on wedding Night

by Breaking Timeson June 29, 2017
A nurse at Claybank Hospital in Gweru is battling for shame after she was recently caught in bed with another man on her wedding night. The sex starved Kudzai Juliet Mudema and her husband Progress Walusi were both student nurses at Gweru General Hospital and are said to have begun their marriage on the rocks, […]

Pastor calls God on telephone, discusses with him while Churchgoers cheer (VIDEO)

by Breaking Timeson May 22, 2017
A video making the rounds online features a Zimbabwean pastor who claimed to have spoken to God over the phone during a church service. The pastor was filmed “talking to God” over his cellphone while the churchgoers cheered in the background. He called a woman from the crowd to come and receive a message from […]

Young Zimbabweans, brace up ahead of the nations 2018 general elections

by Breaking Timeson May 11, 2017
by Mercy Abang   Following the ouster of the despot Yahaya Jammeh of the Gambia, the notion that change will happen for nations with sit-tight leaders has been reinforced. From Cameroon to Uganda, Angola, Equatorial Guinea and of course Zimbabwe where the 94-year-old Robert Mugabe who has ruled for more than 35 years but is still seeking a reelection […]

Zimbabwe is more developed than Nigeria – Robert Mugabe

by Breaking Timeson May 4, 2017
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has caused a furore across Africa.  Mugabe stated at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban, South Africa that his country is the “most highly developed country in Africa” after South Africa, even ahead of Nigeria and Egypt. “After South Africa, I want to see what country has the level […]

I am God, Jesus is not coming back – Pastor Proclaims

by Breaking Timeson February 25, 2017
A 27-year-old controversial Zimbabwean preacher, Given Dube, has claimed that he is God and that Jesus is not coming back. According to a newspaper, Zimbabwe News, Dube who is the founder of Umuzi ka Nkulunkulu (House of god) Church in Pumula South, had told his members to address him as God as the Holy Spirit […]

Wife nearly burns Husband to death after being caught in bed with another man

by Breaking Timeson February 12, 2017
A Zimbabwean man on night  shift (22hrs-06hrs) who suddenly fell ill, decided to sign off early to take care of his health.  After being attended to briefly at the clinic, he decided to return home. When he arrived at his house he found a strange car parked in his yard and his little investigations quickly revealed the […]