Team USA at the FIFA World Cup

The planet is about to be gripped by a sporting fever as the FIFA World Cup returns. This year’s action comes from Qatar and will be played during the months of November and December. That seems a tad strange, right? Even if you are a casual follower of the sport, the chances are you’ll know the World Cup as a summer soccer competition. That’s the way it has always been and the way we thought it would stay, but things are changing…

This will be the first tournament of its kind not to be played in June and the first to visit the Arab World. So, we know things will be a bit different this time. Are you ready to enjoy the show and support Team USA as they target world domination? Soccer isn’t the biggest sport in the US – not nearly as popular as it is in South America and across much of Europe, but that could all change before Christmas. Win the World Cup for the first time – or even make it to the later stages – and passion will grip the nation.

It’s fair to say that Team USA has a decent chance of achieving success, too, at least according to the top sports betting sites. USA has never won the trophy but will play a part in hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2026 when they will work alongside neighbours Mexico and Canada to put on a show. Organisers will be busy thinking up new and innovative ways to showcase soccer in the USA in the right light, but for the time being, it’s up to the current squad of players to do their bit in Qatar.

On this page, we draft in the help of a renowned soccer pundit and online gambling expert who explains how you can support the USA at the upcoming World Cup, their chances of making it all the way to the final and who the early favourites are with the bookies. By the end of this article, you will have a strong understanding of what you can expect from Qatar 2022 and how you can make the most of this festival of sport.

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Group draw

Team USA secured their spot at the World Cup 2022 in good time and has been preparing for this monumental challenge since the turn of the year. Twelve months of preparation has left the team in a great place, and with confidence high in the camp and results on the pitch going their way, fans have allowed themselves to dream. Are we about to witness history being made? Only time will tell.

To stand any chance of winning the trophy, the USA must first make it out of the group stage and into knockout football. That’s easier said than done, of course, but the draw has been kind to them, avoiding some dangerous teams by entering a group that looks to be there for the winning. 

The USA will face England as their main danger for the top spot in the pool but must also watch out for Wales and Iran, who make up the set. Only the top highest finishing sides of the four will progress to the next round. The Three Lions are the obvious danger and rank as the favourites with bookies to win the group, but there’s no reason why this talented USA team shouldn’t aim high.


Does team USA have a chance of winning the World Cup? Yes, of course, they do, and the great thing about this competition is anything can happen. It’s unpredictable, exciting and dramatic. But what do the bookies make of their chances of blazing a trail of glory to the title? The USA has been written off by the traders who expect them to play well and perhaps even get out of the group, but they don’t expect them to win the World Cup.


The pre-competition betting favourite is Brazil, with the Samba Boys being the World Cup’s most successful team. They stand ahead of current holders France, and then we have the likes of Argentina and England, who are expected to go well. It wouldn’t be a shock to see any of the teams mentioned there go on to win the trophy.

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