What to do if your teenage boy or girl is cheating

The boys leave their girlfriends after enjoying sexual activities

Saira Farooq

When someone suddenly finds out that her teenage boy or girl is cheating, I have seen even the strongest mother crying.

Consider this cheating as the greatest test of all time. This is not the era of 90s, where the stories of your parents’ talents will be heard by this young society. This is the age of internet where social media is very colorful and attractive for boys and girls.

The child sitting in the lap of the Internet is not interested in the lessons you have taught, the funeral of your training and values might be observed at home, let’s face it.

So now, keeping in view the modern requirements, tell the girl or the boy that you will try to get them married wherever they put their hands. But first study enough to buy bread for yourself.

Tell him or her to take the mobile and use it, we do not monitor, but we will not be responsible if you are blackmailed because of your chat or video calls.

I am writing this responsibly because snatching a mobile phone from your girl or boy  is no longer the solution to the problem, because all the education of a child is now connected to a mobile phone.

So no matter how hard you try to keep your boy or girl on track, your child will find a way out. Explain them in an open conversation that once all the steps from chat fun to blackmail are crossed, the chances of rape become brighter.

Let them know that girls who chat here are considered time pass by such boys and they do not make them wives. They leave them after enjoying sexual activities.

Do your duty as a parent and leave the rest to Allah. Because that’s all there is to a human side. It’s just a matter of feeling.

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