Thailand Scientists Begin #Covid19 Vaccine Trials On Monkeys

by on May 25, 2020

Thailand scientists have joined the global race in searching for a corona virus vaccine by testing them on macaque monkeys.

Macaque monkeys constitute a genus of gregarious old world monkeys, they are usually found in Asia and North Africa with a lifespan of 20-27 years.

Thailand scientists have begun tests on these monkeys and are optimistic about producing a vaccine by 2021.

The Director of the National Primate Research Centre of Thailand, Dr Suchinda Malaivitjitnond stated that she was hopeful that “a made in Thailand “ vaccine would be cheaper than a European or American Medication/drug for the deadly Coronavirus.

Researchers said that they had earlier conducted tests on mices and were successful and have now progressed to testing on Monkeys.

Thailand scientists also confirmed that they are working in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania in America using a new technology which involves the use of a certain type of genetic material to make the vaccine.

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It involves injecting a short sequence of a viral genetic material to activate a resistance that will produce proteins which will act against the virus.

Thailand has reported 3000 cases and 57 deaths since detection of the virus in the country in January 2020

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