The best way to play Blackjack

The best way to play Blackjack

One of the oldest and most famous casino games of all time – it’s rare you’ll find any sort of modern-day casino that doesn’t host Blackjack. Originally known as Twenty-one when it made its debut in French casinos around 1700, it’s no wonder countless attempts have been made to see if the gameplay can be made to swing in the players’ favor.

This begs the question: is there such a thing as the best way to play Blackjack

Join us as we take a look at the different strategies, sharing some top tips so you can feel like a Blackjack pro in no time…


Many players refer to betting strategies when playing Blackjack, but as a game of chance, any professional player would suggest not using these and simply learning basic Blackjack strategy. 

This will teach you which option is best based on the combination of cards you have in your hand, so you can always make the most effective choice. And, you don’t even have to memorize basic strategy, as most casinos allow you to have and refer to strategy cards during the game. 

Card counting

Another way to play Blackjack is to count cards. Despite the common myth, this is not illegal, although it is frowned upon by most casinos – and you could see a ban across the venues if you’re caught card counting. 

Due to this, many games have clever regulations put in place, such as the use of multiple decks, to ensure cards cannot be counted. 

With this in mind, we’ve concluded that counting cards probably isn’t the best way to play Blackjack. 

Online vs land-based

Another thing you’ll need to decide when planning your next game of Blackjack is whether you’ll want to play online, or at a land-based venue. 

Playing digital games online allows you to brush up on your knowledge, and get to grips with gameplay without having to leave your house. A Random Number Generator (RNG) will host the games, creating unpredictable outcomes to keep the virtual games fair and fun. And, whilst there’s no social aspect to playing online, the graphics, variety, and accessibility definitely make up for this. 

Although, if you want to play online and fancy some social, live-dealer action, you can play Blackjack at the Live Casino. 

In comparison, playing Blackjack at a brick-and-mortar venue allows you to ask as many questions as you wish to the dealer, perhaps being guided through gameplay and observing other players as you enjoy physically holding the cards and soaking up the buzz of the bustling casino. 

The best way to play

So, what is the best way to play? 

Well, the location at which you choose to play is entirely up to you, as all reputable casinos – whether this is online or land-based – will ensure gameplay remains fair and unpredictable. 

Learning and understanding basic strategy in Blackjack is a crucial part of feeling like a pro, and making sure you make all the best decisions based on the hand you’re dealt. 

Card counting is not recommended, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be resourceful and attempt to make calculated predictions in order to enhance your winning chances. 

Remember, though, Blackjack is a game of chance – so is there really the best way to play? Or does it all come down to the hand you’re randomly dealt? 

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