The Buhari-Trump Alleged Phonecall; Much Ado About Nothing

by on February 15, 2017
Those asking for a tweet from Donald Trump as proof that the real estate billionaire actually spoke to the ailing Nigerian leader and hoping to use same to ascertain Muhammadu Buhari’s  health status are dumb. Even a terminally ill patient who has just two days to spend on earth can talk on phone.
Those cloning CNN and BBC link all over the cyberspace as proof that the two leaders actually spoke on phone are even dumber.
Now, don’t get upset yet. Take a chill pill. And hear me out first.
Let us even assume for one second that the white house comes out to say the T.V personality turned president, D. Trump actually spoke to Munammadu Buhari on phone, will that be a concrete proof about the status of the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari??
Why should a citizen of a free world rely on an audio call to ascertain whether or not his president is alive?
When did audio recording become concrete proof of life and evidence of one’s health status??
If we are not mentally lazy, we would have realised that this scenario actually played out in the Yar’Adua saga.
On Jan 12, 2010, when the late president Umar Musa Yar’Adua was in a vegetative state at a Saudi Arabian hospital, a group of political terrorists known as the Cabal faked his voice and granted a 3 minutes interview to Mansur Liman of the BBC Hausa service where the faked Yar’adua’s voice told the BBC that he was recovering and hoped to come back to his duty soon.
Una don forget????
Those Cabals even faked Yar’Adua’s signature and got NASS to pass a supplementary budget which they shared among themselves.
Retired General Abdulraman Dambazzou was a leading member of the Cabal then. Today, the same Dambazzou is the interior minister and a member of Buhari’s kitchen cabinet.
Do the maths yourself.
If the Cabal could fake Yar’adua’s voice then and pass it off to the BBC as the authentic Yar’adua speaking with them, who says anything is not possible with the same Cabal now??
Personally, I believe there is no limit to how far the so called Cabal are willing to go in order to retain power.
Too many times, the presidency has lied about the health status of Muhammadu Buhari. And too many times, they have been caught.
First, they told you your own president, your employee, was on vacation. Later, they told you he just branched to an hospital to do medical check-up. They later turned around and told you he was not even at the hospital. Even a whole pastor Osinbajo joined the lying industry when he looked us in the face and lied to us that the president was “Hale and Hearty” even when the same president would later write (supposedly) to the National Assembly that he would only come back when his doctor certify him fit. The same person who was hale and hearty??? How can a man who is hale and hearty still be waiting for the doctor to certify him fit to go home?
From “he is awaiting his test result” (I wonder the kind of test result that would take a whole month for Oyinp hospital) to “he is hale and hearty” and back to “I will only come back when my doctors certify me okay”.
Shouldn’t you be asking why the presidential media team is so desperate to prove the president is alive with old badly photoshopped photos which have all been bursted? Can’t the presidency simply take a media house to wherever the president is and do a video interview which will be transmitted to Nigerians live so we can put an end to this show of shame?
Between talking to Trump And talking to the people who elected him, which option would a wise president choose?
Surely, you don’t need a certain Charles Ogbu to be the one to tell you that we have conscience-less liars at the highest level of our govt. Only a man who was born dumb would believe anything from these morally bankrupt folks without a video evidence.
Muhammadu Buhari is our president. Our employee! Our servant! We pay his salary. We feed him. We even pay for the packing of his shit. We the Nigerian people have a right to know EVERYTHING about his health. Those political leeches and financial terrorists at the presidency who are hiding information about the president’s health from us are actually committing a moral treason against the Nigerian people.
Isn’t it criminally funny that the same Femi Adesina who admitted he had never spoken with his principal was the same person telling everyone what Buhari and Trump discussed on phone????  Let us even pretend to agree that Buhari actually spoke with Trump, now the question should be, how did Femi Adesina who was yet to speak with Buhari since he left the country know exactly what the ailing leader discussed with the American president???
And haven’t you guys noticed that both the CNN and BBC links about the phone call all quoted Femi Adesina as their source?? The same Adesina that has not spoken to Buhari?
Indeed, it is so easy to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.
Fellow Nigerians, keep your eyes on the ball. Forget any phone call. If Yar’adua could grant interview to the BBC even while incapacitated, Buhari can equally speak with Trump on phone. No big deal.
Even if it later emerge that Buhari was okay and that he did speak with Trump, the people who should hide their faces in shame are those Asorock lying machines and their colleagues at the Utako house of BMC who it would seem, should be lecturing uncle Lucifer in the act of lying. These guys have lied too much. Nigerians are justified to doubt whatever they say unless it is accompanied with a video evidence.
Dear members of Buhari’s House Of Lies, stop distracting us with your so called Trump phone call. We want to see the president live!! Even if the call did happen, it didn’t prove that the president is in a good enough condition to continue in office. It only proves he yet breathes but then, we need more than a man who is just breathing as president.
Happy Valentine to all people of goodwill. Members of the BMC and Asorock lying machine, una no follow for this my Happy Valentine’s wish oooo. Make una go collect una own for the BMC, Utako.
Charles Ogbu posted this on his Facebook page
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