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“He who pays the piper dictates the Tune”

“The Department of State Services (DSS) has accused the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of killing five Hausa residents of Abia state”

I am still in shock as to how a security agency such as the DSS can make such a blanket statement, especially with the use of words such as …resident, Hausa, northerners….. One begins to wonder where this same DSS has been when thousands of southerners where massacred in the North.

The above statement by the DSS smacks of high level unprofessionalism and and an obviously incitement of the public.
The DSS has a lot of questions to answer in this matter.
If not for the sole purpose and import of causing backlash and a surreptitious move to incite the northerners against the southerners…. the DSS must explain in clear unequivocal terms what it intends to achieve by such sensational account of whatever happened in Abia state?

Recently we had the case of the Fulani herdsmen massacre where which the Inspector-General of Police mindlessly claimed that the number of victims in the Agatu killings had been exaggerated. Hear him: “I was around; I travelled to Makurdi, I did not see where 300 people were buried…If you kill, you don’t just bury; you must take the corpse to the police station before you bury. We don’t have that number of people”. Yet our IGP failed to give the number of casualties he has. Who is deceiving who here?
The IGP also played the tune of ethnicity during the Ese Oruru’s abduction and rape saga….. With obvious reasons for the preservation of his Job in tune with the ethnic coloration of the powers that be.

It is also imperative to state that the agatu massacre was never reported in such a one-sided manner.
If anybody is inciting and causing ethnic division amongst Nigerians, it’s obviously the DSS. The agency further stated hypocritically;

According to Tony Opuiyo, The Spokesperson of the DSS, members of IPOB, whose leader Nnamdi Kanu is facing trial for treason, killed the five “northerners” and buried them in shallow graves.”

“It is pertinent therefore to alert the general public that IPOB, is gradually showing its true divisive colour and objectives, while steadily embarking on gruesome actions in a bid to ignite ethnic terrorism and mistrust amongst non-indigenes in the southeast region and other parts of the country. Following this act, tension is currently rife among communal stakeholders in the state, with possibilities of spillover to other parts of country”.

WHAT???….did that statement actually come from a government agency? It beats my imagination..but this is Nigeria where the tribe, religion and ethnic group of the payer of the piper dictates the tune of the pipers’ pipe.

In my opinion whoever pays these guys should arrest them for inciting Nigerians against themselves.. It is trite that He who pays the piper dictates the tune…. We do not want to believe that the tune being played by the DSS is based on the ethnic coloration of the president.

The examples mentioned above are just a few where which government agencies decend to the arena and begin to draw blood in such biased manner based on the tribal coloration of the powers that be.

We must learn to put away this childish nature of ethnicity, tribalism, sensationalization and begin to progressively embark on a journey of nationhood. If this is impossible then we should put our house in order, carefully bring down this house which was forced upon us , make peace with ourselves and then disintegrate to as many ethnic groups as possible where this sad tune of ethnicity will no longer be heard.

Other nations of the world are fast developing and here we are still sulking over religion and tribal differences and at the same time needlessly killing our selves and our unborn children in the process. Whoever did this to us will not rest in Peace if this is not corrected.

We are witnesses to various killings and bloodshed carried out by different tribes in Nigeria, at least we no know that violence is not an exclusive temperament for a particular tribe. But for a government agency to hypocritically carry the cross of tribalism and ethnicity and at the same time incite Nigerians against ourselves … Then we sure are on our way to anarchy an obvious path to Golgotha.




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