The Face-Off Between Senator Shehu Sani And Governor El-Rufai

by on April 23, 2016

By Bashir Hammadada

It is a serious matter. It is all about people of Kaduna state; – how they are being governed and how they should be governed. One believes this must be done taking the dignity and human rights of the people into consideration, while the other gives no hoot.

One a consistent crusader for human rights, the other a merchant – technocrat. One is masses-focused, the other empire builder. It is thus understandable the present face-off between Shehu Sani, a senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone of Kaduna State and Nasir El-Rufai, the executive governor of Kaduna State. It has to do with the need for Mallam Nasir El-Rufai to soft pedal on his anti-people policies.

Shehu Sani is a grassroots politician with a long year’s record of selfless human rights struggles and defense of the less privilege in the society. Nasir El-Rufai on the other hand is a new comer to contribution to Kaduna State. The clear record he had was someone who benefited from the political platform already in place in Kaduna State and lacked courtesy to acknowledge those who supported him and made his victory possible. It is thus clear why Nasir El-Rufai treats everyone with disdain.

For close to two decades, Senator Shehu Sani had been actively involved in grassroots development and activism and concerned about the plights of the people. So when El-Rufai gave an order stopping street begging and hawking abruptly, Shehu Sani was courageous enough to tell his government that the policy was harsh and rash, pleading that his government ought to make an alternative for the beggars before his punitive orders.

When Nasir El-Rufai demolished structures in the state, with short notice that will not allow them to relocate, Shehu Sani noted that such policy is anti-people and amounted to treachery and abuse of powers of his office.

Nasir El-Rufai’s aides will hear none of this; they have subsequently commenced a social media war against Senator Shehu Sani calling him all sorts of undeserved, unspeakable names and online media assault on his hard-earned reputation.

The question is where are the likes of Nasir El-Rufai, when Shehu Sani and his patriotic comrades, fought military dictatorship and revalidation of June 12, 1993 election in Nigeria. El-Rufai was at that time busy chasing contracts to fan his libidos adventures.

What has El-Rufai got to offer Kaduna people who voted for him except misery and sadistic anguish which had been his trademark?

No young man benefitted from the state as Nasir El-Rufai, yet he chose to repay the tax payers with scourge and scorpion.

While he boasted that he made one million dollar at the age of 21, he has never supported the less privilege in the society. His legendary demolition of structures in Abuja was done with witch-hunting, sharp practices and corruption. Money realized from the houses sold for the federal government were stolen and fritted abroad by Jimi Lawal (a fraudster, now amongst his advisers in Kaduna state), one of his close and trusted friend.

Nasir El-Rufai poses as a clean person, but he is extremely corrupt and very unaccountable. All the money donated to him during the gubernatorial campaign were appropriated by him without giving an account of income and expenditure.

His leadership at BPE was an unmitigated disaster that led to the collapse of NITEL. His appointment of staff in BPE were selective and elitist, many qualified candidates were sidetracked and replaced by his handpicked cohorts where he paid salary of N1, 000,000 and above.

He wants the assembly to approve N1Billion Naira for him to use to buy school uniform for pupils and another N1Billion Naira to feed pupils in school, most of whom are without roofs and without furniture; what an intelligent governor whom Senator Shehu Sani must not criticize. What a misplaced priority in the face of the need to strategically deplete the scarce funds accrued to the state.

Nasir El-Rufai again planned to recruit 7,000 policemen in Kaduna state not because of his need to enhance security of the state, but because he is afraid of his people and his own shadow. A clear conscience need not to be afraid of anyone.

Many beggars contributed money to his campaign and voted for him only to be betrayed by his hasty eviction and restrictive orders.

Many Gbagyi people supported his campaign and worked for his victory but he betrayed them by going to choose a non-Gbagyi to preside over their local government.

Many Kaduna indigenes who supported his electoral victory were dumped like a hot coal and replaced with non-indigenes that never contributed to his electoral victory.

Traditional and religious leaders who worked for his electoral victory were rewarded with a sting of scorpion.

Many law abiding citizen had their houses abruptly destroyed without enough time to relocate or build a new one.

The question is; where was Nasir El-Rufai when Comrade Shehu Sani and his other comrades confronted authorities who allocated carved out lands to friends and cronies?

Where was he when Shehu Sani was confronting religious zealots against their motives to cause conflicts?

Where was Nasir El-Rufai, when Shehu Sani gave money to pay school fees of the less privilege and the upkeep of some orphans in Kaduna?

A true leader will not be insensitive and callous to his followers, not the least, the beggars and the less privilege.

Kaduna state residents must not be sacrificed for his political ambition of presidency in 2019.

Nasir El-Rufai, had engaged consultants to profile and project his future political ambition and the consultant told him he is the most probable northerner to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019, these are reasons why we are seeing erratic policy from Kaduna state under El-Rufai

We don’t need these scourging pains to know you are courageous. A very corrupt and deceitful government must be truly called what it is.

We need people with character and not certificate to rule and move Kaduna state forward.

About Bashir Hammadada:

He is a political commentator and he wrote in from Kaduna.


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