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The Global Conspiracy Against Africa ~ Obadiah Mailafia

by on June 24, 2019

Let me place my cards on the table: I am not inherently a believer in conspiracy theories. Nor do I subscribe to the view of those philosophers of history who believe no perfidy or ignominy occurs in our world without one form of conspiracy or the other.

When I was a teenage undergraduate, I stumbled upon a slim little booklet entitled ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’. The document was said to have been discovered in pre-revolutionary Tsarist Russia. The protocols seemed eerily fresh. It prophesied that nations will be enslaved by debt and high finance; and that the ideology of communism will be used as a weapon to enslave millions across the world. It also revealed how world Jewry, in cahoots with global high masonry and rapacious international capitalists, will hatch wars and plunge entire nations into a long night of bloodshed and death.

Many believed that The Protocols was the handiwork of the shadowy elders of Zion and their satanic rabbinical clerisy who wove a dastardly plot to enslave humanity at large. As it turns out, that document was confirmed to be a forgery. But it does not matter. Many still believe that all the problems of the world are down to “wicked, diabolical Jews.”

And yet, there is evidence from historical science that global conspiracies do exist and have played their part in shaping the course of history. Perhaps the leading theorist in this field is the historian and political philosopher, Carroll Quigley (1910-1977). Quigley graduated in physics at Harvard before switching to history where he eventually earned a doctorate. After a stint at Princeton, Quigley moved to Georgetown University which was to be his academic home for the rest of his working life. He taught and deeply influenced the young Bill Clinton who was later to become president of the United States.

Quigley was a historian and philosopher of world civilisations; how they rise, evolve and eventually go into senescence. He wrote The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden (G.S.G. & Associates, 1981), a history of the elite trans-Atlantic secret society that was to shape Anglo-American relations for more than a century. Quigley wrote as an insider, not as an outsider who deigned to “piss inside the camp”. In his own words: “I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies… but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

Today, there is a global network of secret that ultimately call the shots across the world. The entire system western power is shaped by these secret societies. They even decide who becomes president or prime minister and who goes down. They also decide where wars are to happen and how many millions will die. Among these organisations are: the Illuminati; International Freemasonry; the Mont Pelerin Society; the Club of Rome; the Bilderberg Group; the Trilateral Commission; and the Council on Foreign Relations. Some of them, like the Illuminati, are so secretive that it is virtually impossible to know who its members are.

What sets these groups apart is that Africans and black people are rarely ever recruited to its ranks. The exception is perhaps International Freemasonry which is a broad church. Many of our leaders in Africa are in that confraternity, even if largely, as subalterns whose primary mandate is to enslave the African people and to bring them under the dominion of Informal Empire on behalf of our Roman conquerors.

My thesis this morning is that Nigeria has been under the searchlight of the globalist conspirators for several decades now. Their focus on Africa is a part and parcel of their grand design for Africa. Our glorious continent has been the playing field of evil European empires since the sixteenth century. It began with the trans-Atlantic slave trade, in which more than 20 million black souls perished.

And then, we had what they called “legitimate commerce,” which was a precursor of gunboat diplomacy, colonial expropriation and conquest by force of arms. In King Leopold’s Congo Free State alone, for example, seven million Africans perished due to forced labour, genocide and the most brutal abuses known in the annals of human infamy. The Hottentots, a race of beautiful Africans in the Cape of Good Hope, disappeared as a consequence of genocide by the Dutch. The Herero of South West Africa (now Namibia) were decimated by the Germans in a manner too horrendous for polite historians to recount.

After most of our countries received “flag independence” in 1960, the great pan-Africanist Kwame Nkrumah warned against the spectre of neo-colonialism which he explained as the next stage of capitalism. Neo-colonialism works through a network of informal empire characterised by economic exploitation orchestrated by economic hit men, financial drainpipe scams, diplomatic chicanery, military and intelligence operations to destroy economies, undermine national cohesion and topple legitimately elected governments. They also work through mass media manipulation and even intellectual racist propaganda to condition Africans into mentally accepting that they are racially inferior on the world stage.

There is a global conspiracy in Western academia to ensure that Egypt, the cradle of our great African civilisations is hiked off from the mainstream of our continent. It is a conspiracy that coincides with the historical narrative of the Arabs whose racism against Africans is even worse than that of the Europeans.

Foreign multinationals have monopolised control of the bulk of our mineral wealth. We have virtually securitised all the income streams from our mineral wealth to the Chinese. The whole continent has only 3% of the voting rights in key international institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. Our continent is not represented among the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council. All of our Franco-phoney countries – and I use that spelling advisedly – are virtual colonies of France. None of those regimes would survive if they decided to chart an independent course. France controls their money and their foreign reserves. French companies monopolise their public utilities and have first right of refusal for all mining concessions. The French foreign legion exercises total military control over those countries. For the rest of us, The American Africom stands above our sovereignty like the Sword of Damocles. Meanwhile, Chinese forest rats, with the help of Lebanese reptiles, are everywhere illegally mining our gold and gemstones and smuggling them out without any benefits whatsoever accruing to our people.

We Africans are the most naïve people on earth. We have been too trusting of foreigners; believing in their innate goodwill, when, in fact, there is no evidence of such goodwill whatsoever. Centuries of racism and oppression have conditioned us into trusting and even loving the slave master even while he is scheming how to thwart our rise at every turn.

What I like about the Chinese is that they have a healthy suspicion of all foreigners. Whenever a Westerner arrives their shores, they send three or more people to secretly monitor all their activities. And they never relent until the foreigner takes the last flight back home from whence he or she came. We in Africans, by contrast, allow them free and easy passage into our primeval forests to do whatever they please. Does it then surprise us when the first incidence of Ebola broke out in the Congo forest not far from a secret research outstation controlled by a foreign power? Does it surprise us that the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia began not far from a centre for disease research controlled by a foreign power? What other viral diseases will they not come up with in future?

We are not trying to preach the gospel of xenophobia or racial hatred. I myself have more personal white friends than black ones. I understand half a dozen European languages. I have spent time in famous Western cities either as a student, a visiting academic or a consultant: Paris, Vichy, Brussels, Maastricht, Uppsala, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bergen, Berlin, Bonn, London, Washington DC, Boston, Ottawa, and Montreal, New York. I am a cosmopolitan intellectual who shares a deep solidarity with Socialist International. My personal networks transcend trans-continental borders. But I am not afraid to speak for Africa and to stand firmly for what I believe.

What I know is that foreigners wish our continent and in particular, Nigeria, great evil. Next week I will prove how they are going about their evil designs to destroy our country. What frightens me above all is how our bankrupt elites are buying into the international complot – rallying tribe and religion and preparing for another civil war in which all of us will be the losers.


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  • remi johnson
    June 24, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    Comment…The global conspiracy against africn by Obadiah Mailafia -so nigeria where do we go from here ? the use of crude oil will soon phase out , other minerals are exported illegaly ,president Putin of russia had said it all about africa, bob Maley sang it ( africa unit ) . Our forefathers were in chains with padlocks in sugar cane plantation , what about the future of the unborn children ?


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