The Impact of Genetics on High-Yielding Cannabis Seeds

How Genetics Influence Yield: A Deep Dive into High-Yielding Cannabis Seeds

Growers venturing into cannabis cultivation always hope to reap maximum yields. The more buds, the better your yields. But how do you grow without compromising on the quality? Apart from the quantity of the yields, your plants must also contain the required cannabinoid concentration. 

To maximize your yields, you must consider genetics of the seeds you want to grow. High-yield weed seeds will produce plants with amazing potency and desired therapeutic properties. Even though the plants might require additional attention and care to thrive, the yields will be worth the effort. 

This article offers great insights into how genetics play a huge role in influencing cannabis yields. 

What Are High-Yield Seeds? 

It is imperative to understand high-yield seeds and their characteristics. These are cannabis seeds designed to produce maximum yields. As the name suggests, high-yield seeds are superior and contain top-notch properties that all cannabis growers desire: massive yields, potent buds, incredible flavors, and therapeutic effects. 

Even though high-yielding seeds require extra time and effort, the results are worth the wait. Seeds that deliver exceptional yields need more care and attention than regular weed seeds. 

Take note that these seeds grow at a slow pace and reach greater heights. Therefore, growers must incorporate cultivation techniques to ensure proper growth. These techniques may include plant support, extra ventilation to avoid rot, and high-stress training like topping and fimming.

Since high-yield seeds require growers to satisfy many additional requirements to support growth, experts recommend them to seasoned growers who understand the intricacies of cultivation and can offer the right care to the plants. Still, novice growers can also try to grow these seeds if they are determined and have additional time to learn and invest in the project.

Importance of Genetics in Cannabis Seeds

The genetic composition of cannabis seeds influences the plants’ qualities and effects. Cannabis connoisseurs understand that producing quality plants requires great genes. So, the genetic makeup is vital in ensuring cannabis plants reach their potential. 

Genetics affect the following aspects of cannabis cultivation:

  • Potency 
  • Effects
  • Flavors 
  • Yields 

Each cannabis strain contains a unique genotype that determines its growth. So, you must be keen on the cannabis seeds you want to grow. 

Why Grow High-Yield Seeds?

One of the reasons for planting high-yield seeds is because of reaping bountiful harvests with few plants. High-yield seeds are the perfect option for growers with limited space or operating under a tight budget. These seeds offer convenience and cost-effectiveness because you can get massive yields in a small space. 

In addition, planting high-yielding seeds in a large growing space is also rewarding since you will reap many flavorful buds with minimum resources and effort compared to regular seeds. 

Therefore, growing these seeds is worth your time and money. Even though some plants might need more patience, skills, and resources to thrive, you will get dense, healthy buds with fascinating flavors. However, you should purchase your seeds from reliable vendors or seed banks with positive reviews. 

Tips for Choosing High-Yielding Seeds 

Many cannabis growers desire high yields when venturing into cultivation. One of the essential decisions that growers make is the type of seeds to plant. Selecting good seeds means your plants will grow into healthy plants.

Let us explore insightful tips you can follow when selecting high-yielding seeds:

Feminized or Autoflower

In the cannabis industry, many growers believe that feminized seeds are better since they produce great yields. While this is true in some cases, you can access a wide array of high-yielding auto-flower seeds that are equally good. So, when buying high-yield seeds, ensure you understand the seed type you want to grow.

Cannabis Strain

Seeds from sativa-dominant strains often produce massive yields because they release healthy buds and grow tall. You can also grow seeds from hybrid strains if you want special therapeutic effects and incredible flavors. So, carefully read the description on the seed package to know the details about the strain and growing requirements. 

Reliable Seed Banks 

Another factor you must consider when buying seeds is the online vendor or local store you purchase from. Ensure you do due diligence about the vendor before making any payments. You might buy regular or substandard seeds that will produce lower yields. 

Growing Skills 

It is advisable to assess your cultivation skills and knowledge of cannabis genetics before purchasing high-yield seeds. Picking seeds with extreme growing difficulties might be a bad idea since you need to be equipped to offer the required care. In such a situation, you can select seeds with easy or medium cultivation difficulties because you can care for the crops without compromising the quality and yields. 

Growing Conditions for High-Yield Seeds 

If you want your seeds to produce maximum yields, you must provide the necessary growing environment. Ensure you consider the growing space, mediums, and techniques you will use to nurture your crops. 

This is how to simplify the process of cultivating high-yield seeds.

The best method to germinate high-yield seeds is through the paper towel method. Many growers find this method highly effective and reliable. It is a simple method and requires two wet paper towels. Place the seeds on one paper towel fixed on a plate and cover them with another damp towel. Store the contents in a room without direct sunlight until the seeds germinate. The temperatures should range between 70-85oF.

Growing Medium

As a grower, you can attain massive yields when you plant the seeds in soil or use the hydroponic technique. If you plant your high-yield seeds in the soil, ensure they have adequate nutrients for proper growth. These nutrients include nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, and sulfur. In contrast, hydroponics has a controlled environment with enhanced plant nutrient intake. This means you can get much higher yields than the conventional growing method. Thus, hydroponics is a great option if you are looking for optimal yields. 

Environment and Light 

Depending on the seed type, you must consider the lighting. High-yield autoflowering seeds are not dependent on definite lighting schedules. These plants require around 18-24 hours of lighting daily to produce great yields. However, feminized and regular seeds thrive on specific lighting schedules. Provide the plants with 18-24 hours of light daily during the growing phase and 12 hours when they are about to enter the flowering stage. 

You can use quality LED lights indoors to produce adequate lighting and a warm environment for the plants to develop to the maximum of their capacity. Therefore, high-yield seeds can grow indoors or outdoors if you provide ideal growing conditions, such as sufficient light, warmth, and necessary nutrients. 

Growing Techniques that Guarantee High Yields 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cultivator, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the growing techniques that ensure you reap massive yields. 

  • High-Stress Training. It is also called super-cropping and involves bending the stem at a 90o angle to enhance overall yields 
  • Screen of Green (SCROG). This technique manipulates the branches to promote horizontal growth rather than vertical growth. 
  • Sea of Green (SOG). It entails planting many small cannabis plants close together to achieve dense crops. 

These techniques ensure the plants generate high yields while minimizing the harvest period. So, you can implement one method that works well for you as a cannabis grower and ensure perfect growing conditions. 


Ultimately, achieving optimal yields with high-yield seeds requires basic cultivation skills. You must provide the ideal conditions to achieve the best results. When selecting, ensure you purchase high yielding marijuana seeds It has a list of reputable vendors with top-quality seed offers online. Read the seed description to understand the genetics, strains, properties, and required growing conditions to get the highest possible yields, and your adequate preparation is sure to fetch you impressive yields you deserve.

The article was written by Tia Moskalenko, a avid cannabis grower and a blogger at AskGrowers. Tia is fascinated with the benefits of cannabis for the human and animal health and actively works on people’s education in weed cultivation to give everyone access to this therapeutic remedy in their own gardens.

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