The king of Forex announced by Traders Union

There are a lot of successful Forex sellers that have had a big influence on the marketplace. The professionals at TU examine some of the most successful sellers ever and determine who is the king of Forex.

So according to Traders Union, it’s challenging to identify the number one Forex seller in the world because market success is arbitrary and dependent on a number of variables. If a few well-known Forex sellers were to be mentioned, the list would undoubtedly include people like George Soros and Joe Lewis, among others.

Top traders in Forex history according to Traders Union

Do you want to know who is the king of Forex? After conducting the research Traders Union experts concluded that George Soros, a Hungarian billionaire with a current net worth of about $8 billion, is one of the most well-known and successful currency sellers. He is regarded as one of the most successful currency sellers of all time.

With a net worth of between $4.5 to $5 billion, American hedge fund manager and philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones comes in second. He made a wise choice to work in commodity dealing, where, during the marketplace meltdown, he earned more than $100 million.

Joe Lewis, a seller located in the UK, is ranked third with a net worth of almost $5 billion. At the age of 15, he started working for his family’s catering business. Later, he inherited the company, sold it, and started a currency dealing business.

With a current net worth of about $2 billion, American investment manager Stanley Druckenmiller ranks fourth on the list according to Traders Union. He began his career in finance after earning a degree in economics and worked as an energy analyst for a national bank.

The penultimate place in the top 6 goes to American novelist and foreign exchange dealer Bill Lipschutz, whose current net worth is over $2 billion. While he was a college student, he invested $12,000 from an inheritance in that time he first fell in love with dealing.

With a net worth of almost $3.5 billion, American businessman, philanthropist, and currency seller Bruce Kovner rank among the wealthiest currency sellers in history. Also, he is regarded as one of the best sellers in the Forex marketplace’s history.

Is it possible to make much money with Forex?

Successful foreign currency sellers have a significant potential for financial gain. Due to the scale of the industry, sellers have many opportunities to capitalize on profitable dealing techniques, marketplace research and receiving welcome bonus Forex according to Traders Union.

Successful sellers often combine discipline, solid risk management, and strong analytical abilities. By correctly predicting market fluctuations and seizing chances as they present themselves, individuals can make winning transactions. They can also keep their winning trades and cut their losses quickly, so limiting their losses.

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