The Messiah Is Coming

by on April 23, 2016

By Adedamola Okubanjo

I am not here to speak as one speaking to a congregation but as one concerned about the countless contradictions coming from this confederation (of beautiful people). Those conferred with the duty of constructing the community towards the constitution have decided to constitute confusion by misappropriating those powers and commodities put in their coffers thereby circulating the wheels of corruption, confiscating their conscience, and exposing their cruel intentions.

When they were campaigning as candidates, they craved our support and confidence, promising complements such as creation of jobs, completion of schools, construction of roads but once confirmed as the commanders-in chief, they castigate those comrades that came out collectively and unanimously voted these candidates into various cabinets and after a while it is convincing that these candidates are not the agents of change the society have been clamouring for.

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5 decades and 4 years of a continual wait for that individual that will act as a commissioner of change, a constructor of dreams, developing the commonwealth of this country and making true federalism the only condition for his civil service. An individual committed to the plight of the common man, one whose efforts will be commemorated not with coins but with the confidence in the coverage which his actions today have given to the coming generation.

Bear in mind that this individual I speak of connotes a single person but should not be construed as a single person but a conjugation of those individuals I have conversed with and their comments only confirmed to me that there are concerned people constantly on a course of commandeering change in their communities, but the clout of these comrades are crushed and consumed by the constraints created by the corrupt practices of those so-called condescending elite.

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Communication between the rich and the poor ceases to exist, children and colleges are losing chemistry, our graduated are so crude, the benefits of crude-oil are only for those that circumvented the circle of power to their own benefit, I am so sick of it.

Custodians of faith better seek the face of the custodian of their fate to pray that this unchecked condition of the state does not culminate to a point where the world will commiserate with us on the death of our confederacy.

So, Arise O compatriots, obey the call of your motherland-NIGERIA-a confluence of cultures, cultivate the habit true federalism, listen to the chime of the bells of the founding fathers, because the climes may differ, cultures may be different, and as good and bad may become harder to differentiate, one of the things I can consent to consists of the fact that the Nigerian Messiah is sure to come.

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About Adedamola Okubanjo:

He is a 22 year old real Estate broker and a fervent reader and consumer of information on a daily basis. He spends a lot of time on the internet reading articles that can chart the future of thinking of issues in Nigeria and in the world as a whole. He tweets via @Prince_Damoche.


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