The Nigerian Supply Chain: A Fresh Start for Retailers

by on April 23, 2016

By Ojukwu Christopher

A new trend has emerged in the Nigerian importation sector over the last few years. This trend I believe is revolutionalizing the way business is carried out in Nigeria. Gone are the days when only big shots manned the importation business. Microimporters have come and they are here to stay. The rise of microimporters has added another dimension to the supply chain in Nigeria. One obvious advantage which microimporters possess over large scale importers is that they are closer to the retailer than the large scale importers. They communicate better with the retailer, give more details about the product and this helps the retailer understand his products better.


One cannot overestimate the role of the internet in this new sphere of opportunities. One cannot also overestimate the role of platforms like www.alibaba.com and www.suppliersnigeria.com. While the former links manufacturers in China to importers all over the world, the latter links suppliers, importers, wholesalers and manufacturers in Nigeria to retailers in Nigeria. Websites like www.suppliersnigeria.com have made it easy for retailers to source products online from reputable suppliers and importers at wholesale prices while still enjoying pay on delivery options.

Retailers now make much more profit since middlemen who were responsible for introducing importers to retailers and in the process cut down the retailer’s profit have been eliminated. The rise of microimporters driven by international and local business-to-business platforms holds various implications for the supply chain and the Nigerian economy at large. Apart from a general boom in the number of SMEs in the country and reduction of unemployment rate, retailers are bound to make more profit while importers stand to be introduced to a whole new market populace. One can almost certainly feel the frenzy; after all, it’s happening all around us.

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Ojukwu Christopher wrote in from Lagos.


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