The worst kind of battle to fight is that of the mind. That is where it all starts and ends. For example, take a poor man as a specimen. The reason why he’s poor is not because he does not have money or assets to his name. He is poor because he believes genuinely in his mind that he is. That’s what we refer to as the poverty mentality. You don’t believe such a thing exists?

Well, you can do an experiment with 4 set of men/women with different mindset, different backgrounds, different status, etc. give each of them 1 Million Dollars and watch what happens.

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You will discover that some will squander it on  things that will make them appear like they are actually worth 1 Million Dollars (the dumb show offs with a poor man’s mentality), while some would invest in something that will flop eventually (not dumb but not smart either), the rest whom i like to call the ”visionaries with a mind to achieve, would look at the environment in which they are in, and try to picture it 2 to 4 years from now on what would be relevant that at time and then work towards it….

Don’t get offended if you’re a “have not” because there’s more to life than just having money in your pockets and assets to your name. I only used it as an analogy. The point I’m trying to drive is that you should guard your mind more than anything. Invest in your mind….your thought process. There is nothing more powerful than having power and control over your mind and even others as well. I’m not advising you to brain wash people in other to have power or control over them. But you need to have the skill to do that when necessary.

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So make out time today to invest in your mind and take charge.





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