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Few years back, it was no coincidence that a survey released by the world happiness index ranked Nigeria among the top three happiest nations in Africa in spite of our numerous challenges. For the fact that we often find a way to stay happy in the midst of our travails and demands, speaks volume of the strength and character of the average Nigerian. Although the average Nigerian might lack life’s basic amenities, he/she hardly gets to the state of frustration and depression. The average Nigerian is courageous; hopeful; strong willed and possesses the entrepreneurial spirit and contrary to what people might think due to the history of few folks whose actions have somehow “criminalized” Nigerians in some ways, the truth remains that Nigerians are not some lazy folks who would sit down and wait for government to provide all their needs. A visit to the street would convince you that a large number of Nigerians struggle and hustle real hard and legitimately to fend for themselves and not rely on some government stipends. The inputs of Nigerians to the economy of Nigeria itself have been class since the creation of Nigeria. Nigerians are creative and innovative that most times, all they need is a government friendly environment. I mean an environment that can identify with the struggles Nigerians face; an environment that supports the Nigeria-idea, encourages businesses start-ups and also see that existing businesses strive. This is where government policies, its economic plans and directions come in handy. This is where it becomes important that government gets it right in fixing lapses that could jeopardize the Nigeria dream.

It is quite regrettable the present predicament we have found ourselves in. I say this because the harsh reality of an economy disaster stares at us right in the face, yet, little or nothing is being done to arrest the situation. While we watch, while we blame, while we travel around the world and while we look for any opening to implicate the previous administration, the sad truth is that the price of almost everything is doubled and hardship has taken over. The sad reality is that companies are dropping workers and investors are pulling out, no thanks to our stringent economic policies.  The improved and stable power supply we once enjoyed, the one that integrity and body language brought is nowhere to be found today. One thing I cannot understand is how this present administration has so far failed to accept the responsibility for the present hardship Nigerians face. For the past 9month, we have repeatedly heard how the previous administration ruined Nigeria. We have been effortlessly told how the previous administration didn’t build any road, how it almost turned Nigeria into a pariah state. Every day, we hear how billions of dollars were looted and how substandard weapons were purchased for the Nigeria military to fight Boko Haram. In all of what the previous administration did and didn’t do, I have not heard this administration tell us what they have done to correct that. How many standard weapons that have been purchased among others. Unfortunately, when people complain about the worrying state of the Nation, the response they get is either lame or disappointing. It is either we are told that Mr President isn’t a magician, hence cannot perform magic or that he cannot perform miracle.

Permit me to say that in a country like Nigeria, we don’t need a miracle performing president or a magician. Nigerians didn’t vote in Mr President so he could turn water into wine. No, I don’t think drinking wine is the issue we complain about. We complain because the “water” we once drank is hard to come by these days. We complain because the president Nigerians turned to, who promised during his campaign period to perform miracle if elected, unfortunately since he got elected, is not performing let alone perform miracle. Although Nigeria had her share of challenges under the previous administration, but one simple truth is that things were not this bad for the common man. We never lacked economic direction and Nigerians were not bending over this much just to feed or to meet up with their daily demands that we needed a miracle worker to perform miracle. Nigerians only voted in a president who they thought would perform and who wouldn’t “suffocate” them by his in/actions. It is high time people stopped thinking that when Nigerians complain about the ineptness of Mr President, it is because of their expectation of him turning water into wine. No! Oh yes, we wouldn’t mind him turning water into wine. We wouldn’t mind him performing miracles. But the truth is that in as much as Nigerians would love a miracle performing or a water-turning-into-wine president, there is a very high chance that we will not complain if we have abundance of water to drink and fresh air to breathe. Today, we complain because we are frustrated and angered that the “water” we had/have is almost getting dried up and little or nothing is being done about it; we complain because right in our own country, we are struggling so hard to breathe. Funny enough, what we hear is the subject of patience. Try to visit the market and see if patience is a currency or if it would get you commodities at a discount.

Under the previous administration that was considered bad, even the poor man was able to afford the basic things of life. Take for instance, under the previous administration; a sachet of pure water was sold at ₦5. A basket of Garri was sold at ₦350 and egg was sold at ₦30. A litre of PMS was sold at ₦87 and its scarcity wasn’t this often as we have come to witness these days. Nigerians never had it hard as it seems today and as such, it is very surreal if when I complain, you tell me that Mr President is not a magician.

How is it possible that some think we expect him to perform magic beats me. Perform magic in an economy that ranked 3rd in the list of the fastest growing economy in the world just before Mr President got elected? Perform magic where, how and why? Were we hopeless? Were we suffering this much? Did we queue up for months all in a bid to purchase PMS? Because now, queuing up for PMS is a way of life. All that Nigerians wanted was someone who would fix the system and improve the living standards of Nigerians and not the other way round. But what do we have today? An underperforming president! Living standard is improving on a negative scale. How then can I crave for Mr President to perform miracle when the simple truth is that he isn’t performing. It is very sad because with the state of things, I do not see a tunnel, let alone light at the end of it. If we are sincere to ourselves, no one needs to be convinced that the suffering of Nigerians has drastically improved under the very watch of this administration. These days, hike in transport fare has ensured we make use of our legs.

In conclusion, the President Nigerians turned to should understand that the clock is ticking so fast and as such, he should bring out his tool box and get to work. The president Nigerians voted for has to understand that he was voted in to fix the system and not to keep complaining that the system is broken. While the President Nigerians turned to, flies around the world, he should understand that Nigerians are busy wasting their work hour queuing up, all in a bid to purchase PMS at ₦135 per litre. While Mr President sleeps in a well air conditioned room in Aso Rock, he should please not forget that some Nigerians are sleeping without power because of fuel scarcity and also for the fact that electricity generation is at its low. Nigerians turned to Mr President so that he in turn would secure the present and the future, but so far, it is safe to say that it has been a disaster. We are not asking that Mr President performs miracle, we are asking that he performs. Therefore, he should quit the “why did I get elected now?” regret and quickly work out modalities to fix things because people are losing their jobs and hyperinflation is upon us.




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