I remember a time prior the general elections how Nigeria was painted as something of a disaster in the offing. I remember how the ex-president was made to be seen as incompetent, clueless and one who lacked idea to steer our great country forward. He was abused, ridiculed and even called all sorts of names. APC had their tactics spot on thatthey promised ‘change’ telling Nigerians thatonce elected, Nigeria and Nigerians would experience a turn around. A change they failed to properly define and one a lot of people didn’t care to ensure they define. Almost everyone who listened to how bad APC made Nigeria appear and to how goodNigeria would be under their leadership basked in the euphoria of “change atlast!” People danced to the change music.  APC Presidential candidate who would turn out to be our President was on top of his game with his words/concern for Nigeria. His running mate (a pastor) who would also turn out to be our Vice President was on the other side hitting the ex-president on how he failed to tackle corruption and on how he was politicising the fight against Boko Haram. “A Buhari Presidency would bequeath to Nigerians a country where everyone would have a good job and lives a descent live in peace and security” he further said. The spokesperson of APC also excelled in his role. The brand “Nigeria” was so tarnished that impossibilities were made to appear possible under the leadership of the past President. “He is ruining Nigeria. He has nothing to offer. Electing him would be a mistake” echoed on the street day in, day out. At the end of the day, people believed, a promise of change was made and Nigerians were excited.

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Defining promise; it is a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing would happen.” It was easy for me to define promise but the “change” APC promised, I am still struggling to define it. However, going by the change Nigerians believed/believe was promised,there is no way things should be appearing this bleak. Since this administration came into power, one has to constantly recheck to be certain a promise of complaints wasn’t made. Nigerians identified and voted in a government they had the trust to change for good the standard of affairs because a promise was made to them. This government promised the electorates that things would improve not decline and for this same reason, a trust in the promise of change was established between this administration and the people. Italways takes two hence the importance why promises should be kept.Two (This administration and Nigerians) decided to walk together because they both agreed Nigeria needed change. A change they said would centre on Nigeria and Nigerians. It is four months less to the completion of a year since this administration took over power and from what we have heard and seen, we can safely say it has been a change of promise as the goal post has not only been shifted but on numerous times has been removed. The sad truth is that the reality of governanceis beginning to set in where every decision of the government is being felt by the people. Nigerians who under a “clueless” government had it easy using their debit card outside Nigeria can no longer use it. Nigerians who purchased petrol at ₦87 per litre is having it difficult to do so. Nigerians are being sacked and if words on the street prove to be true, a lot of bankers would face sack in the second quarter of the year. All we hear is that “Nigerians should brace up for hardship.” Things are bad if not worst already and you didn’t tell them this when the promise of change was made. Fuel scarcity and its high cost is almost a way of life and on the other hand tariffs are being hiked.


A budget that was presented weeks ago, till now the breakdown of items is being kept away from public scrutiny. If the document wasn’t leaked, the secrecy about that document was second to none. To say the least, don’t you think a government of “change” should be more transparent? Nigerians are now much more interested in their affairs as such it only makes sense if the government becomes more accountable. If Nigerians should brace up for hardship, we need to be certain our leaders are also bracing up for hardship. It is true that the prices of crude oil could make the delivery of the dividends of democracy difficult but the lack of ideas/policies/economic plans/transparency/vision makes it much more difficult. Do we currently have any of these? All we hear is “when oil price was above ₦100.” Excuses! Now that it is ₦35 what is stopping you from re-strategizing so Nigerians can finally have the “change” that was promised?It is in the capacity of leaders to think and not to use excuses to pull through. This is why it is risky for any institution to have a leader just because he/she means well even when same person doesn’t have the capacity to lead the institution forward. I read someone telling his audience he voted in Mr President because he was sure Mr President won’t touch any dime that belongs to Nigeria and deep down I asked if that was reason enough. It sounded lame!Instead of this administration to be concerned about delivery the change Nigerians believed/believe they promised; her interest seems to tilt more on blaming opposition. In conclusion, we can only wish the promises made to Nigerians materialize in time and in a positive way but not after suffering hits top gear. God bless Nigeria!

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Article Written By Tama Iruo

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