The Side Effects of Abuja’s Extravagant Weddings

by on February 28, 2015

Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city is fast becoming known with her extravagant weddings happening almost every weekend around the city.

Nigerian weddings in recent years have become more immoderate and overgenerous, despite the roller coaster state of the country’s economy.

The wedding industry is indisputably booming, and many event planners are joining in to get a piece of the pie.

In any case, not every resident in the capital city shares in this gusto, but some are now drawing attention to the negative effects of this lifestyle on marriages.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), some of the residents said extravagant marriage is not advisable because of its after effect, while others believed it was a matter of choice.

One of the residents, Vivian Solomon, a businesswoman at Area 10, Abuja, told NAN that the kind of friends some ladies keep influence them in their choice of wedding.

Using herself as an example, she said: “I am a kind of person that believes so much in myself, I don’t really care or act after what other people do.

“I had the kind of wedding I and my husband were able to afford and I was contented with it.

“In a situation like this, ladies tend to try so hard to please the world.

“They want to have the best weddings, want to be seen in ovations, not considering the person they are going out with or the would-be husband.”

Concerning the grooms, she said: “The men tell lies and some can even go to the extent of borrowing cars, hiring a house and pretend as if it’s theirs.

“At the end of the day, we find out that the lady suffers it more when it becomes difficult to sustain the marriage because of so much debt.”

Another resident, Matthew Nwachukwu, a painter said that some ladies would want to frustrate the man sometimes, especially when they desperately want something.

“Ladies will quote the number of friends that had elaborate weddings and will tell you they don’t want to be left out,” said Nwachukwu.

“The man might go ahead and borrow money in order to satisfy his wife and at the end, the marriage is in a mess because what they enjoyed that day won’t last forever.

“It is better you just be yourself and know the kind of man you are getting married to. Don’t live a camouflage life, a life that you cannot enjoy forever,” he said

Linus Godwin, a worker at Cyprian Ekwensi Centre for Art and Culture, Abuja, told NAN that intending couples should put their income into consideration before planning their wedding.

“You know there’s a saying that goes thus; cut your cloth according to your size’, which simply means use what you have.

“Plan your wedding in accordance with the resources you have got.

“For those that are doing it though, I simply understand that they feel inferior and don’t want to be left out.

“They feel that someone has had such an expensive wedding before, probably a younger fellow, so why won’t they do it as well.

“Forgetting to put into consideration how such weddings are funded and when you go extra miles to fund your wedding, you run into perpetual trouble.

“The outcomes of such marriages are disastrous,” he said.

A civil servant, Victor Akpan, said that having a wedding is a matter of choice and affordability.

“If you can afford it do it but if you cannot please don’t stress yourself and borrow to wed, its not worth it. Just do what you can afford,” he said.

So which category do you fall in? Would you rather have an extravagant, talk of the town wedding and go hungry or live in debt few months after the one day event is gone? Or would you rather cut your cloth according to your size’, and use what you have to organise a moderate wedding taking your attention away from the ‘wedding’ and concentrate more on your marriage (life after the wedding) which is more important or join the league of Abuja’s extravagant wedding stars………..the choice is yours to make.

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