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Welcome to Breaking Times, a global online newspaper for synthesizing news down to easy-to-read-and-comprehend stories. Send e mails to ; btbreakingtimes@gmail.com

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    Well done chief judge, you have spoken as if he committed the crime in your presence, be careful the way you judge others cos it will soon be your turn,the man of GOD own you no apology but God even if he is guilty,from what your write up,you believe in weakness than the grace of God[very unfortunate]. if it really happened, that lady will not be on air to the extend of describing the size of manhood[use your brain]. and it seems to me as if you are one of those who still visit prostitutes believing we are all sinners. real men of GOD are too busy to be messing around,the grace is available to swallow up every form of carnality[wise up and stop being a baby christian]. in conclusion if you are not a pastor by divine calling i don’t think is wise enough to comment on issues like this.[face your business]


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