The Unseen Drummer and the Alien Herdsmen of Massacre

by on April 25, 2016

When the news of the kidnap of a front line Afenifere stalwart and a former minister of finance Chief Olu falae came to the fore ,it came
along with it a gust of criticisms that stirred up a strong awareness at the national level the nature of atrocities and the level of risk
the now infamous Fulani herdsmen can pose to our collective security as citizens in the country.

Not that Nigerians were not aware of these issues before, but prior to this time most issues or perhaps reports from different parts of the
country relating to the heinous activities of these bloodthirsty men and the atrocities they mete out to their host communities have not
been taken seriously by both the federal Government and  many of those who have the instrument to make it a case at the national level.

A Pattern of Destruction

The nature of their barbaric activities in different parts of the country are similar,the numerous cases recorded so far range from the
raping of women,to the kidnapping or killing of innocent men, invasion of farmlands belonging to farmers in the community and the destruction of their host communities etc. These wild wicked acts that have gone on without restraint will all pass in any part of the world (including ours based on our constitution)  as heavy criminal activities

A Nation Sleeping With Open Eyes

It is shameful that a nation like ours with abundance of human , capital and natural resources  does not deem it fit to consider as an
affront and a threat to its unity, the diabolic activities of these herdsmen .

Just recently the Ondo State Governor, Mr Olusegun Mimiko organised an urgent meeting with OPC leaders and the leaders of the Fulani
community in his state in a quick  move to broker peace and avert What would have otherwise been a tribal clash or a bloodbath between the two groups as a result of the killing of an OPC Leader in Chief Olu Falaes Farmland

A Disturbing Odious Trend

It has taken a new dimension In recent times as though fuelled by a certain kind of gusto (many nigerians now wonder how it came about ),
when these Fulani Militia Men struck Agatu in Benue State. In Agatu they destroyed hundreds of lives, farmlands and property even whole
villages went down in flames as a result of their massacre.

As though not enough, the same type of barbaric incidences repeated themselves in Okada , Edo state, in Delta ,Enugu, Oyo and also in
Taraba states sparking protests in some these places. They recently resurfaced and with impunity as if to put an icing on the cake, paid a
“courtesy”  re-visit to the farmland of Chief Falae, not at all bothered about the helicopter parade of the Inspector General of
Police and his men-on-uniform at the time Chief Falae was kidnapped at which time “all hands were on deck” to ensure his release and no
ransom (contrary to the victims account) was paid.

Shielded Criminals on Rampage

Something fishing seem to surround the activities of these men, there appears to be some sort of immunity they enjoy after carrying out
these wicked atrocities of genocidal dimensions. They appear untouchable in the eyes of most nigerians  and also judging from the
responses of the security agents who’s primary duty it is to protect lives and property

An african proverb say we says “when you  see a man dancing to a beat by the bush side,the unseen drummer may be nearby in the bush..
Shortly After the Agatu massacre the IGP announced through the media that the fulani men are leaving the area and that their claim of
losing about Ten thousand cattle “seemingly” stolen by the host community was the real “reason” for their invasion and  massacre, and
with no one being arrested and held accountable for the crimes committed against the people..
In a recent development and  Contrary to the IGPs report, the Och’Idoma the paramount ruler of the people of idoma affirmed to the
media that the Fulani militia men still occupy some villages under his domain.

Where is Mr President!

These issues ought to have been a front burner when we talk about national issues considering the importance we as a nation should place
on human lives but the case seems to be the opposite most especially when one is looking at the body language of the President, Mr
Muhammadu Buhari

Unlike Governor Mimiko we are yet to receive a clear cut position on the issue from the  President. The former President of the Senate Mr
David Mark has later on after the attack in Agatu, visited the scenes of attack same as the State Governor Mr Otorm and members of the
national assembly from the state, these men have lamented publicly about the level of damage that was caused by the massacre which some
have labelled ethnic cleansing.


By Allen Durueke



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  • A Uche
    April 25, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    I see dark days ahead, may people not have cause to defend themselves by themselves, no ethnic group has autonomy of violence. Another incidence happened in enugu today


  • Anonymous
    April 25, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Where is mr predident in all these bloodsheds in the southern parts of nigeria


  • Anonymous
    April 25, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Where is DSS , can they investigate this too, #shameful ,#InnocentCitizens ,#Nigeria


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