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by on February 10, 2017

A new online events information company, thenoticecentre.com has been launched. The company, which began operations on 03 October 2016, has grown by leaps and bounds in a twinkle of an eye, rapidly increasing its social base that will see it become the best and most unique internet company in Nigeria.

thenoticecentre.com, which is a virtual venue and internet community for everyone, is ever doubly growing in value, reach, base and engagement and sums up in no distant time to be a unicorn (a $1 Billion valuation) and even approaching a Decacorn ($10,000,000+ valuation) company.

As at date, thenoticecentre.com has quite an impressive global, presence having gained over 130,900,000+ Global impressions, a social following of over 25,000 unique profiles, 355k+ page views, 601k+ engagements in over 171 countries in 125+ Languages. Its global coverage, increasing exponentially by the second, spans over 45+ countries, with the numbers have skyrocketing by the day.

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The extreme scalability of thenoticecentre.com is without doubt quite impressive, with the large volume of demand, likes and visits recorded every day. It currently has an average reach of at least 100,000 every day and 15,000+ engagements, all of these having been achieved within just five (5) months! Last week, thenoticecentre.com saw its traffic surge 70 per cent in just one night, and continued seeing at least a 10% concurrent increase every day, with no record of such a feat achieved by any other contemporary internet company.

A statement by the management of thenoticecentre.com stated that “the company is set to take the world by storm and has so far, overtaken various media sections including Cube, Smoothie Online and The Sport Blog. It is thus not surprising that it has been marked as an internet conglomerate, with unlimited engagements every second being the norm. Although an official incorporation and investment analysis has not been publicly announced, thenoticecentre.com has unique features that incorporates social and inter-connected blogging (similar to The Tumblr), photos, videos (akin to YouTube stuff), Unlimited Sharing (connects to all other networks), only bigger and better. The strategic incorporation of information portals (The Wikipedia like Feature), with cool branded pages such as The Lifestyle and Creativity Pages, Custom Profiles, Current and Quality Trend Algorithms, embed features and inter-connection from every side; make it stands out. It’s like a plethora of all the relevant social websites in the world joined in just one place.

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“At thenoticecentre.com, there is no room for compromise when it comes to quality, with everyone possessing a unique product for everyone. This will in no distant time see it become a household name and a force to reckon with in Nigeria and the global community at large. It is already arguably Nigeria’s largest internet company by fan base ahead of its peers like Spacepointe and Tuteria, both of which were considered the best before thenoticecentre.com came on board. Currently, its fan base and user reach is 96 per cent international, a record high for an internet company which originated from Nigeria, a country with only 54 per cent of internet users.”

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It is expected that with international coverage and valuation analysis that will flood the media in no distant time, thenoticecentre.com is a unique web app that is one of its kind, with its user-friendly interaction, comparable to none.

You can check out the following websites as the numbers speak for themselves: facebook.com/thenoticecentre
Smoothie Online –facebook.com/smoodieonline
Cube media – facebook.com/cubecom
The Sport Blog –thenoticecentre.com/apps/links and facebook.com/thesportblog

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