TikTok Replies Trump, Says Accusations Are Rumors, Misinformation

by on August 18, 2020

Tik Tok has responded to accusations forwarded by the United States of America (USA), about the video application being a threat to National security, by saying that they are mere rumors and that the company has no direct connection with the Chinese Government.

Tik Tok recently made this disclosure on a web page, and confirmed that the app has never for once offered United State users information to the Chinese government, and will not do such even on demand.

Any further propagated messages that contradicts the web page info, should be disregarded as they are all blatant lies.

They said that the company has established a new twitter account that will help solve problems that might develop later, adding that the data of U.S users is stored in the company and having backup in Singapore.

The app which is originally owned by Chinese based ByteDance, who on Friday was ordered by President Trump to divest itself from Tik Tok.

The American President believes the app to be a threat to the National security of the state, saying that it could be used by China to monitor the activities of Federal employees amongst others.

Tik Tok has said that the decision by the United States could in future, mar the trust of other business ventures that in one way or the other, contributes to the growth of the United States.

In related development, Spokesman, Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian has stated that Tik Tok has obeyed every given guideline by the US; which includes entertaining its servers in the US, and gave employed an Americans as its executives. However, the app is yet to free itself from holds of people that berates it in the US, due to politically driven interest.

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