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    I agree with you, NYSC has turned to a scheme that benefit from the CMs and not the CMs benefiting from it, talk about posting , redeployment and relocation, you know how much corpers pay nysc officials( in cash or in kind) in other for them to be favoured. Talk about allowance, nysc will not pay on time, even as at now some are yet to receive their July allowance. The dues and transport fares take their own share in the name of cds and corpers welfarism. Talk about relevance, it’s only the doctors, nurses, educationist and few other that are actually serving in their line of displine, the rest are somehow miserable for that eleven month, I know someone that studied biochemistry and he was ask to take maths in a secondary school. Talk about job opportunities, the corpers in South has a lot of opportunities compare to those in the far north, no place to serve except schools, in my school the principal requested for ten corper, plus the twelve on ground, so could be 22 in just one school, no wonder most their teachers doesn’t come to class again, corpers do all the work, nobody can query them. Talk about SAED program, it’s one of the dumbest program I ever partook, they believe we can master a profession in five days. Talk about integration, we are already mixed up, saying nysc is for integration this days is a lie. Most people choose to travel and settle down in a particular state this days because of personal reasons not because nysc took them there. Nysc should not a platform in which youths just travel because it’s compulsory, it should be able to add values to our lives not just suffering for suffering sake. I think the scheme should be restructured and serious measures be made to make life easier for corpers


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