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Tinubu’s Allegations of Corruption are Reckless and Baseless – Oyegun

by on October 8, 2016
The National Chairman of All Progressives Con­gress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun at the weekend described as “reckless and baseless”, allegations of cor­ruption leveled against him by the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Me­dia Office.
In a statement personally signed by Odigie-Oyegun where he dismissed the allegations point-by-point, he called on APG members “to explore internal dis­pute resolution mechanisms in addressing their perceived griev­ances instead of resorting to the media to vent their spleen”.
He noted that the allegations were “unfortunate and an insult to my person and my hard-earned reputation which I have strong­ly maintained”, Pointing out that “nobody has the kind of money that can buy my conscience or make me do injury to an inno­cent man”.
He maintained that in all the primaries conducted under his watch as National Chairman, “I have strived to ensure a free, fair, transparent and credible process. The 2016 Ondo State APC Gov­ernorship Primary Election was not an exception. There must be internal democracy in the Party and our constitution must be re­spected by all”.
He noted that the ripples from the controversy over the election had unfortunately dragged the APC to the front pages of newspa­pers for the wrong reasons, point­ing out that allegations of rigging the outcome of the 2016 Ondo State APC governorship election primaries and overruling the Par­ty’s National Working Commit­tee (NWC) were completely in­correct.
“In view of the misinforma­tion and false reports that have been fed to the media and that have pervaded the public space, there is need to set the records straight. Clearly, the report on which the media office of Asiwa­ju Bola Ahmed Tinubu acted was a figment of someone’s wild imagination.
Picking up the issues, point-by-point, he made references to minutes of the APC Nation­al Working Committee (NWC) meeting Thursday 22nd Septem­ber, 2016 stating that at no time did he unilaterally take any deci­sion or overruled the NWC as al­leged.
He also denied allegations of over-voting and using a “prayer interlude to secretly excuse my­self from the NWC meeting to submit the name of Mr. Roti­mi Akeredolu, SAN, to the Inde­pendent National Electoral Com­mission (INEC) as the candidate of the Party, pointing out that “the NWC in its four-point resolution rejected the Appeal Committee’s recommendation on the grounds that the report was fundamentally and fatally flawed.
The NWC in its four-point resolution faulted the failure of the Appeal Committee to invite the National Secretariat as the custodian, to authenticate or oth­erwise the source of the disputed delegates list.
“Also, the Appeal Commit­tee did not invite the Chairman or members of the Ondo State Governorship Primary Election Committee to clarify issues relat­ing to the allegation of manipula­tion of the accreditation process.
“The Appeal Committee rather relied totally on unsub­stantiated evidence(s) in the pe­titions it received to recommend the nullification of the Primary. This is against the principle of natural justice and fair hearing.
“The NWC equally observed a serious contradiction in the Ap­peal Committee’s report in re­spect of the number of the ac­credited delegates. Whereas the Primary Election Committee’s report indicated that 2,774 dele­gates were accredited, the Appeal Committee’s report erroneous­ly recorded it as those who voted in the election, thereby acting un­der the false impression that there was over voting in the exercise. The actual total number of votes cast was 2,754, as clearly record­ed in the Primary Election Com­mittee’s report”.
Chief Oyegun further stated that “the issue of fresh primaries did not arise as NWC had already rejected the Appeal Committee’s report in view of the stated flaws and upheld the election.
“In any case, any fresh prima­ry was already time barred. By the timetable released by the Inde­pendent National Electoral Com­mission (INEC), all governorship primaries and issues related end­ed on September 19, 2016.
“It needs to be stated cate­gorically that the NWC is con­fident that the Chairman of the Ondo State APC Governorship Primary Election Committee, H.E. Abubakar Badaru, Execu­tive Governor of Jigawa State con­ducted a credible and exemplary exercise. “Going forward, I appeal very passionately to leaders and members of the Party at all levels to explore internal dispute reso­lution mechanisms in addressing their perceived grievances instead of resorting to the media to vent their spleen.
“There are enormous chal­lenges in delivering on the Party’s 2015 election promises to Nige­rians. On the immediate horizon is the task of winning the gover­norship election in Ondo state. We cannot afford to be distract­ed by the present contentions,” he stated.

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  • Specs
    October 8, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    The truth of the matter is that the works are over . It is harvesting time . Let us try to be Good managers of success for there is still tomorrow .


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