TO Be Famous: A Dream or a Nightmare? Ramsey Noah Condemns The Effects Of Being A Celebrity On His Life.

by on September 10, 2017



The desire to be famous comes from a basic human need to be part of a group. Everyone loves recognition, craves acceptance and has an inner desire to be famous unless you are a monk.

Being a celebrity has its numerous advantages. There is the money, the adulation of fans, and the doors it opens; it is generally considered a total gateway to the fulfillment of one’s dreams. Celebrities are invited to the best parties, wear the best clothes, spend their holidays in expensive resorts, and live very luxurious lifestyles.

The overall benefits of being a celebrity really prompts the question, what is there to complain about?

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Long time Nollywood Actor Ramsey Noah, in an interview with THE SUN, criticized his life as a celebrity because most people see him as their ATM.

He said, “ I wouldn’t say it closed doors on my face. No, not exactly. But, you know, you meet lots of people who tend to appreciate you. Everyone sees you around, all your fans, most especially in Lagos; see you as their ATM. All their greetings have to be paid for. For instance, they will greet you ‘Hey, good morning bros, we dey hail o…’ You know you have to drop something, so it’s quite a thorn in the flesh.”

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