Tonto Dikeh’s problem is Alcohol and Drug abuse – Husband, Olakunle Churchill

by on March 22, 2017
Actress Tonto Dikeh’s es­tranged hubby Olakunle Churchill has finally opened up on allegations that he physically abused his wife while they were together. According to Churchill, he said Tonto’s temper can’t be contained by six men at once talk less of beating her.
In a recent interview with Media Room Hub, Churchill ex­plained how he had managed Ton­to’s anger and temperament saying her alcohol abuse and drug intake has been her major problem.
Speaking on the incident that allegedly led to Tonto’s arrest in Ghana, he said, “We had a misun­derstanding and she decided to go to a hotel. I sent her a text the next day that I was going for a friend’s house warming, I got a call that she came home around 3, 4 and started breaking everything in the house. Luckily for me, I switched off the electric fence wire before I left the house, she started from the electric fence, pulled it down and jumped into my compound. I called the police and they were already in my house before I got there. My neighbors also called the police because of the noise, where I live in Ghana is very calm.
“When the police got to the house, she started attacking them and was about tearing their cloths. There’s this thing about my wife, it’s just like a crisis it doesn’t stop for like two to three hours. I’m sorry I’m saying this, but I have to.
“She gets too temperamental due to negative intakes. Alcohol abuse is negative, Marijuana is neg­ative, and anything that has some­thing to do with drug abuse is neg
ative. At the long run we got to the police station and she was rude to the superintendent of police there. When her anger starts, even six men can’t hold Tonto down, talk­less of me hitting Tonto. She uses everything she has to fight and destroys everything to zero.
Even the police were surprised, she even spat on one of them. When she granted the last interview, she mentioned Ghana embassy and police. Ghana Police took her to the embassy because she was unable to pay for the damages and the embassy pleaded on her behalf. When that event took place, I cov­ered everything. I took everyone’s phone and deleted every picture, I closed everything just to cover her because she’s a celebrity. She mentioned that she was beaten and then she ran to the embassy stark naked, and as soon as I saw that I requested for my own story and I have it here.
So to those people saying I sponsored the police, you can’t sponsor Ghanaian police. This is the withdrawal letter, I can’t re­ally explain but she destroyed a lot of things. When she’s in that state, even six men cannot hold her, even the police couldn’t stop her. So after this, she was locked up, I wrote a withdraw­al letter and bailed her, I want­ed her to replace my proper­ties but I withdrew it, if not, she was going to jail. When I took her out from the cell, she said ‘if you forgive me, that means you are an angel’, and she promised never to go back to drugs or alco­hol.
Three weeks after this event, she took in. All through her nine months of pregnancy, she was a perfect woman and a perfect per­son till four months after she gave birth to King, then she started again. She has damaged over 66 million naira worth of properties. I’ve tried my best to revive her back to who she was when she was preg­nant or just immediately after she had King but that’s been my major problem. I have evidences of some of the property she damaged. I have somebody around Tonto that mon­itors her and gives me updates on what she does; when she calls blog­gers, when she tries to blackmail me, when she sends information.
On allegation by Tonto that she sustained several scars, he said, “There’s nothing like that, the only scar I’m aware about was the one on her leg. In my mum’s house, she was breaking stuffs and it got to a point that she was coming towards me, her best friend was trying to hold her back, her male best friend. It was like she was crazy, she already broke down everything: television, kitchen utensils, and dispenser.
I was in shock because she has done this in my house up to four times and in seven to eight months I’ve lost over 66 million naira, but this was my mum’s house. As her best friend was trying to hold her down, her best friend is the one that gets her cloths.
In fact he was crying and saying ‘ Tonto stop, what are you doing’, she just put her leg into the glass by the staircase and that’s how she got the injury. I have a video here, that’s where she got the cut from, anything apart from that is not real. (Shows the video to the interviewer) I’m a philanthropist, I’m against domestic violence, I have never raised my hands against any woman and I will never.

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