Toronto Lawyer, Annamie Paul Named First Black Woman To Lead National Party In Canada

by on October 4, 2020

Annamie Paul a lawyer from Toronto, has been named head of a National Political Party in Canada, the Green Party; making her first black woman to achieve the feat.

Paul who is the daughter of immigrants from the Caribbean, described herself as a descendant of slaves.

During her inaugural speech, she described her victory as historic and one she put lots of work in before achieving.

“We have done something truly remarkable, one never seen before in Canadian politics, adding that colonialism has deprived her of her genuine identity.

“I am willing and ready to give support to indigenous individuals especially those who fight on occasional basis with the Police against systemic racism”, Paul said.

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With the appointment, Paul will successfully succeed her predecessor, Elizabeth May who led the party for 13 years before stepping down in 2019.

Paul disclosed that her administration will instinctively focus on two priorities; which she said would be to build a social security net for Canadians, and taking the fight to climate emergency.

“This is without doubt an opportunity to set things straight and right for the better, saying that if the economy must be revamped completely, then the government must invest more.

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