Toyota Bus-stop Ritualist Den : The full Story

by on August 15, 2017
Sacrilege, occultism, ritual killings, kidnappings, trading in human parts and such other unprintable phenomena are no longer fic­tions, but realities Lagosians have come to live with on daily basis.
The latest brand of ritual killings in Lagos, a sad re­minder and reminiscent of Clifford Orji, the man who feigned madness in order to perpetrate his nefarious crimes of kidnapping, ritual killings and cult activities re­verberated a week ago.
While Clifford built a hu­man slaughter house under the very popular Toyota Bus-stop along Oshodi/Apapa Expressway in Lagos, the fresh and most recent ritual­ists’ abattoir was domiciled at Obadeyi Ajala Street, Ijaiye, in the densely populated area of the Lagos-Abeokuta express­way. The tunnel is located very close to a canal.
As that was going on, an­other den has yet been dis­covered at Ile Zik Bus-stop of the Ikeja-along road. The den which is a drainage tunnel at the middle demarcation in-between the junction connect­ing Agege and Ikeja along was where this evil conduit was found.
The den was discovered in the early hours of Thursday, leading to the uncovering of several human parts sealed up in sachets and labelled to have semblance with frozen foods. Residents and com­muters within the Ile Zik and environs also claimed that this same tunnel leads to another opening-end at ‘National’ bus stop in Agege area of Lagos state. Some decomposing hu­man parts and other clothing materials of victims were gath­ered from the underground tunnel and were set ablaze.
The Nigerian police and some security operatives stepped up their game. An eyewitness said the Police ex­posed tear gas into the tun­nel at Ile Zik, hence it created breathing difficulty for anyone within the tunnel which even­tually led to nabbing one of the suspects. Also a mad man and one other suspect who were alleged to have been a master mind of the operations in this evil tunnel were arrested.
In the case of Obadeyi Ajala Street, Ijaiye the residents had no inkling that such heinous and inhuman business was go­ing on under their very nose. Nevertheless the discovery provided answers to the mys­tery of disappearances of per­sons in the area and beyond.
Reports have it that a female sweeper who heard the hor­rific cry of a victim screaming for help from an underground tunnel, which linked to a canal at Obadeyi Street exposed the den, located beside the main road at the popular Obadeyi bus-stop, Ijaiye. However, be­fore rescue could come, the woman who cried for assis­tance had been murdered, but her little baby was rescued.
Part of materials discovered in the tunnel by soldiers were different body parts and many routes linking to the canal. Other items recovered from the shrine included charms, carvings, white clothes stained with blood as well as native soap.
A man belonging to the group was also arrested. He has confessed to being part of a 28-member group operating under the canal.
Residents of Ijaiye, Ah­madiyya and Abule-Egba areas of Lagos State are yet to overcome the shock.
A source said the crowd al­legedly set ablaze one of the suspects but surprisingly to them, fire was burning all over his clothes but he appeared unhurt.
The eyewitness said: “The ritualist said that no one can do him any harm. Even some people tried cutting him with machetes and all sorts of weapons but he still wasn’t hurt.”
According to an eyewitness account, the suspected ritual killers allegedly target pedes­trians crossing or plying the road early in the morning and late at night, as the den is just about 50 metres away from the pedestrian bridge. They then dragged their victims into the manhole, which stretches along the expressway, where they are eventually killed. Dis­membered bodies were evacu­ated from the scene.
The discovery led to pan­demonium, as irate residents stormed the scene to rescue the victims and apprehend the ritualists. Though people were scared to go inside the hole, yet efforts made by those who went inside led to two suspects being brought out, but were whisked away by the police. Angered by the move, two more suspects who were found, the mob overpowered the police and burnt them alive.
On their part, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Olarinde Famous-Cole, who confirmed the incident, said only one person was arrested.
“We are still investigating the matter. It is too early to say if it is an actual case of rit­ual killing. We shall make our findings known to the public at the end of the investigation.”
Meanwhile, a policeman who claimed to have partici­pated in the operation, said two persons were rescued, adding that those rescued were taken away by the offi­cers who were determined to get to the root of the discovery.

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