Truck Accident Attorney and When Truck Accidents Occur

Life after a truck accident can be overwhelming. Many people struggle with pain caused by an injury. Often, they are unable to work. They fight to make ends meet while watching the bills pile up, and moving forward can seem impossible.

Lawyer for Truck Accidents

After a truck accident, life can be hard. A lot of people have trouble with pain that comes from an injury. Most of the time, they can’t work. They struggle to make ends meet while bills keep piling up, and it can seem impossible to move forward.
At Ted B. Lyon & Associates in Dallas, Texas, we help people move on with their lives after a truck accident has changed them. Our team of experienced trial lawyers has a track record of winning cases involving serious injuries or death caused by truck accidents in Texas. We handle cases involving many different kinds of trucks, such as 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, construction equipment, and other commercial vehicles.
In truck accidents, people get hurt very badly.

Semitrucks can weigh up to 18,000 pounds when they are full. So, when they hit smaller cars, they can do a lot of damage. Most of the time, small cars get hit by big trucks. When they do, they cause very bad injuries to drivers and passengers, like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and being unable to move
  • Lost limbs/amputations
  • Internal injuries so bad that surgery is needed
  • Accidents that cause death without just cause

Most of the time, people don’t walk away from truck accidents. These are things that happen to people that change them, their families, and their lives for good. In fact, many of our clients think of their lives in two parts: before and after the truck accident.
Many people are involved in truck accidents.

In a truck accident, there are more than just two drivers, like in a regular car accident. There can be a lot of different people involved. They often involve the person who was hurt and other people who were in the vehicle where the person was hurt. They have to do with both the truck driver and the company that owns the truck. When dangerous or broken truck parts may be to blame, they can sometimes go after the truck’s maker.

Your lawyer needs to know how to handle cases with a lot of different people involved. For example, the truck driver might say that the trucking company made him drive through the night without a break, which led to the accident. The trucking company may then blame the driver for not stopping to rest when he or she should have. Both sides could say that the truck was broken. Your lawyer’s firm will need money to do thorough investigations into all the facts and find out the truth.

A Truck Accident Happens

Here are some general things that people who have been hurt because a truck driver was careless should and shouldn’t do.

Do get medical help for your wounds. Your health and well-being are the most important things in life. Get the care you need and keep track of how much it costs you. If you have a case for a personal injury claim, we can seek compensation for your past and future medical care as part of the claim.
Do get the truck driver’s and his or her employer’s contact information and insurance information — Try to find out as much as you can. It will be a very important part of getting your injury claim paid.
Get a copy of the report from the police — The police report usually has a lot of useful information, like how the officer who came to the scene of the accident saw what happened and what witnesses said, which could help you with your case investigation.
Don’t apologize. When you ask the truck driver for his or her information, don’t say anything that could be taken as an admission of fault for the accident. If you just say something about how the accident happened, it could be taken as a sign that you might have been able to stop it, even though it wasn’t your fault.
Don’t talk to anyone from the truck driver’s insurance company. It’s common for a risk management representative from an insurance company to arrive at the scene of an accident within minutes, sometimes even before the police. These people are trained to get information that helps them and hurts you.

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