TSA: This 8th Senate may just get it right, By Ahmad Sanni

by on December 12, 2015
It is not often one gets to witness a probe in a Nigerian Senate, go from start to finish. I’m glad to say we may, and very soon.
When the Senate began its probe of the TSA,Remita,CBN scam in November, I told anyone who cared enough to listen, that this was just another move to score cheap points and discredit the past government, I was wrong, and I am not ashamed to admit it.
Yesterday, when Godwin Emefiele, the CBN governor, admitted that he had no idea the nation was paying an astonishing 1% of funds remitted to the company, I had a wry smile on my face while thinking Dino and friends had scored a good one.
Considering the laxity that has followed similar probes in this country, I believe I speak the minds of many people when I say it’s a relief to see this one even come so far, and to hear that the company has refunded the money to the CBN, makes it even greater news.
The battle against corruption, graft, and the many faces the mayhem wears, must be carried out across all levels of society, in government and in our individual lives. I doubt even President Buhari or ex-President Jonathan, knew there was the 1% charge. No doubt the senate has helped us save some valuable funds in this period of austerity measures.
However, if this 8th Senate must redeem the image of the legislature the people have, this cannot be all. The National Assembly, and its version in the States, must take their oversight functions seriously. Imagine if this was not uncovered, and the already thin coffers of the government was being fleeced regularly by such amounts, we would end up calling subsidy thieves saints, no?!
Saraki and his colleagues must ensure that all of such contracts the government has with private companies are thoroughly scrutinized, and where fraud exists, it is exposed, for the sanity of the nation and the dignity of the hallowed chamber.
Dear senators, while you are at it, kindly pay minimal attention to our “abusive” tweets and Facebook post, find us jobs and see if we won’t be merrier eh?!
Dr. Ahmad Sanni writes from Zaria.


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