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Two Armed Robbers burnt to Death while trying to Escape (PHOTOS)

by on December 23, 2016
Two armed robbers were this afternoon (23/12/16) burnt in their operational vehicle in Obudu, Cross River State.
According to reports , they had gone to rob a store around the market area and were about driving off when the brother to the store owner ran out after them and held onto the steer wheel from outside. The driver in a bid to accelerate , lost control and ran into the open roadside drainage.

Onlookers now seized the opportunity to pounce on them. One was fortunate to escape, while the cops were able to save one. But [un]fortunately, two were roasted beyond recognition.

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  • akin sodimu
    December 23, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    The people of obudu in cross river has demonstrated the needful action that ought to be done when dare devil robbers think they can operate with impunity. I give kudos to the brother of the store owner who risked his life by braving the situation and confronted the robbers in a way that looked like one of the detective movies. some may say the actions of passerby around were barbaric,but to it was a right step in the right direction,because heaven helps those who help themselves, secondly, in a state of lawlessness as demonstrated by the armed robbers, it is illegal to be law abiding, and this phrase justified the merciless action of the people against the armed robbers.


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