by on April 26, 2016

-#OccupyNASS protesters fight over distribution of money
– Pro-Saraki protesters shut out from National Assembly Complex

As the National Assembly resumed for plenary on Tuesday morning, two groups of protesters descended on the premises of the Assembly, with one group called #OccupyNASS calling for an end to the budget impasse between the legislature and the executive, and another group showing support for the leadership of the Senate, specifically, the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

The two groups converged at the National Assembly, after The #OccupyNASS protesters gathered at Unity Fountain in Maitama, then made their way towards the National Assembly, while the group that stood in support of the Senate President, proceeded to the National Assembly from Eagles Square.

At 11:21, several BRT buses dropped-off about 100 Hausa-speaking protesters who joined the #OccupyNASS protests. Both groups then proceeded separately to the National Assembly.

However, at the main entrance of the National Assembly, the #OccupyNASS protesters were allowed into the complex, while the pro-Saraki group were declined entry.

Speaking with reporters, several of the protesters who showed up in support of the Senate leadership, alleged that it was suspicious that the police would allow one group inside the Assembly premises, while refusing another one entry.

“If they don’t listen to us or allow us in,” Abimbola Oyeranti, a pro-Saraki protester said, “We will jump in.”

Meanwhile, the #OccupyNASS protesters, who were organised by a group called Citizens United for Peace and Stability (CUPS), began fighting each other, on crossing to the premises of the National Assembly, with several of the protesters demanding their payment for participating in the process before continuing on.

It will be recalled that CUPS set up online pages urging people to donate to their cause. However, over the past few days, online reports pointed to the fact that a prominent North-West Governor, and a South-West leader of the ruling party, APC, had donated hundreds of millions of Naira in order to attempt to force the Senate President out of office.

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  • arik
    April 26, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Fake news! It was only one group that was protesting against the senate president. Not 2 groups


  • U Cant C Me
    April 26, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Comment… Saraki Must Not Go


  • Emmanuel
    April 27, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    Nigerians are wonderful set of people! they want change and want Buhari to fight corruption. now buhari catches a dangerous and chronic thief in saraki whom he has brought to trial before a court of competent jurisdiction, the cct. now it has become fashionable for Nigerians to call for the stoppage of saraki’s trial at the cct because he is ‘our beloved and amiable Senate president’ who should be left in peace to continue to preside over a ‘rouge senate’. people now protest in front of the cct, in front of the national assembly, in favour of saraki. nobody wants to know how saraki presided over societe generale bank and ran it aground, plundered the wealth of kwara state over 8 years, as governor; the ‘panama papers, case is hanging over his head. why are Nigerians such disgusting hypocrites!?


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