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UN Security Council adopts resolution confirming Adama Barrow as President of Gambia

by on January 19, 2017

The United Nations security council unanimously adopts resolution confirming Barrow as legitimate & democratically elected president of Gambia. The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a resolution on  Thursday expressing “full support” to Gambia’s new President, Adama Barrow.

The UN also called on ex-leader Yahya Jammeh to step down,while condemning “in the strongest terms possible” his attempts to usurp power.

Earlier, the UN tried to adopt initial resolution in support of  ECOWAS’  to use of “all necessary measures” — U.N. language for military force. But the draft was dropped.

A reference to solving the crisis by peaceful political means was added because some members including Russia, Egypt and Bolivia objected to any reference to support for military action.

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