US: First Partial Face Transplant Recipient Dies At 57

by on August 1, 2020

The Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic has announced the death of their former patient and United States first recipient of partial face transplant, Connie Culp on Friday.

The health centre, which is were the deceased Culp carried out the surgery 12 years ago, said that there was no cause to her death, while quoting a doctor of hers, Frank Papay as stating that Culp was indeed was an exemplary figure, one worthy of emulation.

“The decision she made in embarking on something regarded as a herculean procedure is no doubt a gift bestowed of humanity”, head of the Clinic’s dermatology and plastic surgery institute, Papay revealed.

Culp sustained dreadful injuries in 2004, when her husband shot her and at the same time, shot himself. The gun did more damage to Culp, as it shattered the roof of her mouth, right eye, nose and cheeks.

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The husband was later captured, tried and jailed for seven years over the attack.

Before the transplant surgery in 2008, Culp underwent 30 surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic. The face surgery procedure lasted for 22 hours.

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