Vessel searching for missing MH370 mysteriously SINKS in Indian Ocean

by on January 25, 2016

A SEARCH vessel hunting for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has mysteriously sunk after it crashed.


The MH370 (not pictured) went missing in March 2014

The towfish and 4,500 metres of cable were separated from the main vessel after crashing into a giant 2,200-metre mud volcano.

There were no injuries to crew on the Fugro Discovery – which was using the towfish to search for the wreckage the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) said in a statement.

It is believed the towfish – which is now resting on the sea floor in the remote southern Indian Ocean – can be recovered later.

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The scanning vehicle coasts around 100 metres above the sea floor – using what is known as “side sonar” to send out sound waves diagonally across a broad strip of terrain to produce a flattened image of the seabed.

The Furgo Discovery is returning to the Australian port Fremantle where a replacement cable will be installed on the vessel.





A spare towfish onboard will also be prepared for future searches.

The JACC added in a statement: “Yesterday, while conducting search activities in the southern Indian Ocean, Fugro Discovery lost the sonar vehicle deep tow (towfish) being used to search the ocean floor.

“The towfish collided with a mud volcano which rises 2200m from the sea floor resulting in the vehicle’s tow cable breaking.

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“The towfish and 4500m of cable became separated from the vessel and are now resting on the sea floor.”



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