[VIDEO] Hydroxychloroquine: “I Have Taken Care Of Over 350 Patients, We’ve Not Lost One… Nobody Needs To Die” — U.S-Based Cameroonian Physician, Dr Stella Emmanuel Trends As She Affirms HCQ As Cure For #COVID19

by on July 28, 2020

A Cameroonian born, United States of America (USA), based physician, Dr. Stella Emmanuel has claimed that the hydroxychloroqhine, zinc and antibacterial drug are effective for curing coronavirus, while criticizing the government for hiding the solution.

She revealed this during a news conference that was held by a group of American doctors at the Supreme Court in Washington DC.

According to her, “lots of health workers saying that the drug doesn’t work, on occasional basis take it and likewise give to their families as well.

“I have treated over 350 patients using the hydroxychloroquine; and have not lost even a single person, so therefore nobody needs to die”.

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The study that made me resulted to the use of hydroxychloroquine for treatment of Coronavirus was a research that was previously done in 2005 by the National Institute of Health (NIH), they that gave affirmation to the drug and its capabilities. She added that a recent study, done also by NIH revealed hiccup to be a symptom to the Coronavirus.

“I dare everyone in DC, and all you talking heads on CNN to give me a sample of your urine, that if she checks and it turns out that they don’t have hydroxychloroquine, then America should be asked not to take it”, she stated.

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Dr. Emmanuel specifically challenged and dared American physician and immunologist, Anthony Stephen Fauci, who also is a lead members of the Trump administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force, to present his urine for testing and see if hydroxychloroquine substances would not be found in them.

“You need not lock down the people in their homes, as there is now a prevention and cure for the rampaging coronavirus”, she added.

Accordingly, “The reason they dont wear mask in public, is because they are all on the hydroxychloroquine, and perhaps they also want the people of America to die from the virus. I dare every single one of you; those of you talking heads on CNN. If we test you and you test negative to it, then we will stop treating COVID-19 patients”, she added.

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