VIDEO: The World Will Wish It Intervened if Nigeria Falls To COVID19 — CNN Host, Fareed Zakaria

by on April 6, 2020

Cable New Network host, Fareed Zakaria has warned that the world will regret not intervening if Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria and Iraq falls to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Fareed, the world is still in the premature stages of what is going to result into a series of “cascading crisis”.

The CNN host added that unless the major powers in the world are able to cooperate and combat this pandemic together, people may not be able to fully recover from the crisis.

Faheed pointed to some developing countries like Nigeria which has recorded very few cases so far and stated that there is a tendency they could fall to the disease eventually, if necessary proactive measures are not taken.

He made his fears known saying that if the pandemic was allowed to ravage the developing and underdeveloped countries, the cost in refugees, disease and terrorism will lead to regrets. 

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Watch video below.

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