Vladimir Putin Says He Could Run For President For a Fifth Term

by on June 21, 2020

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said he may run for President again if Constitutional changes are made that can allow him run in an interview on Sunday.

Russia is planning a vote from June 25- July 1 on the proposed constitutional changes, which includes an amendment that could see Putin serve two more six year terms as President.

Critics say the changes will lead to a constitutional coup that could make Putin a President for Life.

” I do not rule out the possibility of running for office if this comes up in the election, we’ll see” Putin said.

” I have not decided anything for myself yet”.

After Putin’s current term end in 2024, he would not be able to run for President under constitutional law.

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Putin, 67, has been President of Russia for 2 decades and said the work for a successor is a distraction from National Issues.

” if this doesn’t happen.. the normal rhythm of work of many parts will be replaced by a search for possible successors”.

” we must be working, not looking for successors”.

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