#WakaAndSee: Social Media Influencer leads Online Team to Rate Gov Ikpeazu’s Achievements in Aba 

by on March 16, 2016

Over the years, all our spaces from the political through the social, even our religious corridors have been enshrouded with propaganda, wishes, aspirations and promises by the politicians and how they so wish to change the status quo of our lives and utterly transform us and our environments into a certain five star living that is not only utopian but starkly unrealistic. These promises are scarcely met.

To ensure that politicians in public offices deliver meaningful infrastructural projects, an online influencer, Comrade Phils (@comradephils) began a Social Media Project Tour of all states called #WakaAndSee to serve as a fact finding mission to verify the extents of achievements and completion of ongoing projects by governors. The tour was announced online via his social media accounts and delegations nominated openly to form a team that will visit every project in a chosen state, send live pictures and videos online, carry out random interviews of residents and post same online. This way Nigerians can have a first hand feel of developments in a chosen state instead of paid propaganda and Adverts.

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Their first point of call is the deplorable city of Aba in ABIA state. Aba has been long abandoned by successive ABIA governments before Gov Ikpeazu’s tenure. They will be in Aba on Thursday 13 March, 2016 to see projects by governor Ikpeazu. The governor on hearing of the team’s plans to visit Aba opined that it would be unfair for them to rate him in his absence and offered to be present and take them round his new projects.

The project is supported by the Authority Newspapers, BREAKINGTIMES COMMUNICATIONS, and Reports Afrique News.

Updates on the tour will be made live on the go on all social media platforms with the hash tag #WakaAndSee.

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See online designs for the tour below.

The public can use the  hashtag #WakaAndSee and follow the action live. You can also make your objective contributions online as the news, photos and videos continue to stream. 1
Comrade Phils

#WakaAndSee SM Tour
Twitter @comradephils

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