COVID-19: “Pfizer Vaccine Doesn’t Contain Virus” — Says Dr Ogbuagu, One Of The Doctors Who Found Curable Vaccine

by on November 23, 2020

By Seun Adeuyi

Nigerian/American doctor, Onyema Ogbuagu, who is among the team of drugmaker Pfizer that discovered the COVID-19 vaccine, has dismissed rumours making the rounds that researchers such as himself are not part of conspiracies.  

Recall that a vaccine has been approved by the United States of American (USA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to cure COVID-19. Among the team that found the vaccine is Dr. Ogbuagu.

Dispelling the rumours about the approved cure for COVID-19, Dr. Ogbuagu has said the vaccine result are real. 

In a series of tweets via his Twitter handle, @DrOnyemaOgbuagu, on Sunday, he noted that the vaccine was not delayed to hurt or help any politician, contrary to what the US President, Donald Trump has claimed.

Trump had on Friday accused Pfizer of playing “corrupt games” with the timing of COVID-19 vaccine data in order to sink both his re-election and his drug price reforms, as he urged his successor to keep the game-changing policies. 

Dr. Ogbuagu aslo said there is no nefarious or sinister plan to inject people with a labeling code. 

Read his full tweet below:

“Let’s dispel some rumors especially because misinformation about COVID-19 may and can cost lives. Enough already!

1. Vaccine efficacy results are real. They were not delayed to hurt or help any politician2. The Pfizer vaccine doesnt contain the SARS CoV-2 virus or parts of it! 

“3. No nefarious or sinister plan to inject people with a labeling code. The mRNA vaccine is not integrated into recipients genome.

“4. No fetal tissue is used for the mRNA vaccine.

“5. And No!…researchers such as myself are not part of any conspiracies. 

“We just want to apply science to improve patient outcomes and even better, to prevent disease.

“We can only work our way out of this pandemic through effective vaccines especially because it is difficult to achieve optimal mask wearing and physical distancing to end the pandemic. 

“Think of how vaccines have made deadly diseases either go away (small pox) or become relatively rare (such as measles). 

“When the “COVID” vaccine becomes available, lets roll up our sleeves and lets end this thing!

“Another challenge would be equitable distribution of vaccines.. 

“High vs. low/middle income countries, and even in developed nations, to ensure that vulnerable and underserved populations, disproportionally affected by the pandemic are proportionally reached! Now is time for strategic distribution plans at global, national and community level”

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