We will Not Fold Our Arms as Fulani’s Kill our People – Igbo Youths

by on April 30, 2016

Reacting to the killings in Enugu, the Igbo youths under the aegis of Oha­naeze Youth Council, have issued a four- day ultimatum to all violent herdsmen to vacate the zone.
The National Vice President of OYC, Mazi Obinna Achuonye and the Chairman of OYC in seven Igbo- speaking states, Alex Okemiri, who handed down the ultimatum yester­day in a press release, said that “ any violent herdsman who fails to quit South East soil on or before Monday next week will have himself to blame”.
The youths who were reacting to the recent massacre of Nimbo com­munity folks by the rampaging Fu­lani herdsmen said that “ enough is enough”.
They vowed that “ never again will Igbo youths fold their arms to watch our people being massacred by blood – sucking terrorists under the guise of herdsmen”.
According to the release on Sat­urday, the decision to quit all herds­men from the South East zone was reached after an emergency meeting of OYC Worldwide where issues bor­dering on the security of Ndigbo were reviewed.
The release said that the herds­men “are off-shoots of Boko Haram and must not be allowed any breed­ing ground in Igbo land”.
The release said in part : “Urgent times need drastic measure. We warn all violent Fulani herdsmen to vacate our farmland, our backyards, our ter­ritories and boundaries on or before Monday next week.
“Even though Ohanaeze Ndigbo will meet over the weekend to discuss this menace, Igbo youths will not wait until our people are massacred again before we take action.
“If after Monday and the herds­men are still around, we will direct Igbo vigilante groups set up by OYC in all the 95 Local Government Are­as in South East to force them out.”
OYC said it had also uncovered plots through its intelligence unit that Ebonyi State is the next target of the rampaging herdsmen after their at­tack on a border community in Enugu that claimed over 40 lives with scores wounded.
“We have uncovered plots that their next line of action is Ebonyi State because they are moving from boundary to boundary. They are coming from Taraba State to attack Ebonyi. We want the Governor of Eb­onyi State and all the security agents in the state to be at alert.”
Ohanaeze youths said President Muhammadu Buhari should be held responsible should civil war erupt again in Nigeria because of his de­liberate silence and docility over the atrocities of his Fulani kinsmen.
“The United Nations and the Amnesty International should hold Buhari responsible should Nigeria go up in flames as a result of these provocative killings by herdsmen”, he said.
OYC added that Igbo youths are already collaborating with Ijaw youths and Middle Belt youths on how to defend their people as the Federal Government under Buhari has failed to protect them.
“Ijaw youths, and Middle Belt progressives are already waiting for the expiration of the deadline on Monday. Fulani herdsmen have pushed us to the wall. Time to take action is now or never!”
Ohanaeze also warned National Assembly members of Igbo extrac­tion to distance themselves from the proposed “toxic” national grazing bill or face the wrath of Igbo youths.
According to OYC, the bill “is only a ploy by Northern elements to confiscate Southern lands for their commercial interest which we have vowed to vigorously resist”.
The release said Igbo youths in consultations with other Southern and Middle Belt youths are mobiliz­ing to storm the National Assembly to protest the controversial bill.
Ohanaeze further called on South East Governors to be united against herdsmen menace, and to en­courage poultry and fish farming in the zone as alternative source of ani­mal protein, hinting that it is consid­ering a boycott of beef in South East.

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