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by on February 25, 2016

A team of experts from the whole world have been assembled to give an in-depth and wholistic discussion on Diabetes in ways never seen before on February, 27th, i.e. Next Saturday by 7am – 2pm Nigerian time (GMT +1).

The web venue for this revolutionary webminar is Engr Awazie Chinomnso’s wall (). The aim of the webminar is to use social media as a tool of reaching the public with vital health information on diabetes, information people do not know which predisposes them to the condition.

It will take the form of direct engagement of the public where the experts will be asked questions or discussed with directly by all participants on the subject of Diabetes without inhibitions or restrictions.

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The many doctors, dietician, attorneys/barristers and health practitioners participating from several continents will be on hand to ensure that all questions are satisfactorily answered.

You are invited to invite as many as possible to benefit from this cost-saving seminar. The same advice one will pay for to get from doctors shall be given freely and without any restriction, so let’s get as many as possible to benefit.

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